NASDAQ:COUP   Coupa Software Incorporated
This is NOT to long entry level. Earnings today After Market Close. Risky business to buy today.

Mid cup is 243.45. I do not see an area of consolidation or a recent horizontal trading range to call a handle. It does seem that most do come down to form a handle, eventually, but price can also break out without a handle as well. Looks like COUP hit a bottom and has been flying ever since.
Pocket pivot noted near bottom of cup.
There is a very small gap on the sell (left) side of the cup that is close to price that may provide support. There is resistance overhead from a gap down a while back. There will be plenty of resistance overhead as this has pulled back a lot.

It does not appear COUP has ever missed earnings . As we know, an earnings beat does not always mean a positive reaction to the event. Revenue appears to grow quarterly.
Earnings that are expected are -.06 indicating COUP is not on the profitable side as of yet so there is no PE ratio listed. I have seen worse financials fly but there is no way to know. Depends a lot of the mood of the market and feels a bit on the frigid side today )o: Tomorrow is another day.

Cup depth is 79.87.

No recommendation.