NASDAQ:COUP   Coupa Software Incorporated
Another earnings shot, I bought a put contract for next week on open. Coup always has a delayed reaction to a market gap down, so I've already got some cushion.

I don't think it matters if they beat or not, no revenue growth projected this quarter, this is headed to pre-COVID levels. It's toast if it breaks support at $220. You can see that funds are giving up on it.
Trade closed manually: Bailed on open because it's got that late reaction to a futures pump much like ysterday's dump. Will look at this Monday
Order cancelled: I think I'm gonna stay out of this one because COUP has a habit of closing gaps and there's a big one above in the $250s. I think SFIX is a better bet so I added to that instead.

At least SFIX will pay better if it tanks.... in theory, lol.