AMEX:CPER   United States Copper Index Fund ETV
Technical Analysis
As you can see in the chart, every red square is showing a consolidation period, followed by a strong rally.

Today's action is showing strength as we are seeing a potential breakout, outside the 1-month consolidation period.

Trade setup
The light-blue arrows are potential measured moves. However, I would follow the 5sma or 10sma, as a stop-exit for 50% of your position.

Fundamental Analysis
There is some concern around inflation , all though the Fed maintains he believes it will be transitory.

Here is the way I follow inflation , which is a free chart by the Federal Reserve Economic Data:
Another way is with the TIP etf .
Comment: Since the breakout, we have made a test of the last consolidation range and bounce back higher.

Chart is looking great.