CRON Wave Analysis

As charted in today's YouTube video, full details on how I arrived to the counts there.

Cronos is one of the older assets in a young market. On a long term view, I believe it's in the final waves of it's current cycle. However, that doesn't mean that it can't make significant new highs. It appears to be forming a flat continuation pattern here. With fundamentals coming into play, pot stocks could well be the next parabolic rise. Overall, the equities within the market have yet to break market structure of higher highs. Once that market structure is broken, I would expect a multi-year bear market. However, for now, fundamentally, I don't see how it would start today.

To play the flat, look for a confirmed lower low on low time frames to draw a downtrend line similar to the blue one pictured. Look for a break of that downtrend and buy any consolidation.
Comment: Lower Low confirmed, trendline stands as drawn. Look for break of blue downtrend to assess long entries.


Wave analysis was discovered by Anil mangal and we don't count 1-5 like elliott wavers lol its wxy/abc or wxyxz. Pick one
ThePuma kryptowavetrader
@kryptowavetrader, wave analysis is literally a category when you publish a post on TV. Respect for Anil, but the term wave analysis has nothing to do with anything he discovered.
@ThePuma, Wave analysis was added because of his posts on TV. Wave analysis term was invented by Anil because you EWers keep attack others on the way we count. LOL
ThePuma kryptowavetrader
@kryptowavetrader, I know where Anil's profile is. I know that he's been banned permanently. I know TV didn't create a category for someone who they banned permanently. The category exists because there are different types of wave analysis (Elliott, Neo and Sine are some of the sub categories offered by TV as options to select under the Wave Analysis category).

Feel free to comment further, I will no longer be responding to any of your comments. New, old, etc. It's not worth my time, nor yours.