OKEX:CROUSDT   Crypto.com Chain CRO/Tether
Short update!
CRO is in a very good phase of consolidation and is the best area, according to my idea, for a buy entry (I did this at a price of $ 0.67).
The chart (1D and 4H) proposes a descending Bull wedge in the price compression phase and this means that the more the price moves towards the end of this wedge , the more expansive its strength will be.
In the 4-hour chart, the Intermediate Cluster has been successful so far and has acted as a support and has been retested multiple times making it a major support between $ 0.65 and $ 0.67.
I propose this subtlety!
Notice how the RSI in the daily chart is diverging to the downside despite the price bouncing higher and higher, this means that the threshold of around $ 0.65 is becoming a totally bearable price for the market and is consolidating.
I believe that once the wedge is broken, the next resistance is 0.80 cents.
What do you think?