OKEX:CROUSDT   Crypto.com Chain CRO / Tether
The chart is a description in itself...

I am bullish provided we do not break down from the accumulation zone.

STOP if under $0. 05

Upper BUY ZONE is only valid on a break and a retest of the 50D EMA , CRO should bounce and continue in an uptrend thereafter. If it breaks down and there are strong sell signs then sell.

That is all for now.

Comment: We are now positioned within the second buy zone.
Comment: We have now passed both buy zones and are making our way towards the first take profit.
Comment: 1st target nearly reached.
Comment: Target 1 reached
Comment: Target 2 reached
Comment: Target 3 reached
Comment: Target 4 reached
Comment: When the holding target hits, start trading ALT/CRO pairs to stack more CRO until it moons to $0.70+. I am personally done with it and will be looking for another pump. The goal is to consistently compound pumps this bull run. Best of all with your trading followers. Stay tuned for when I find another perfect entry etcetera :)
Comment: For those that sold the top at target 4, CRO is at a good level on the daily timeframe for a long position.