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NASDAQ:CRSR   Corsair Gaming, Inc
-Major industry tailwinds seem to be helping Corsair achieve strong growth rates. In the first quarter, its overall revenue grew 72% year over year to $529 million. The company also continues to see improved profitability, as gross margin jumped from 25.5% a year ago to 30.3%.

-The company supplies equipment for both the console and PC gaming markets, which combined account for more than 1 billion players globally. As platforms like Twitch and YouTube have helped promote the rise of esports, casual gamers are growing more competitive, and gameplay streaming is becoming mainstream.

-To facilitate the viewing of esports competitions, high-performance production systems, top-quality equipment, and software are required to mold it all together -- and this is where Corsair fits in. Whether the hardware one needs is a pair of high-end headphones for communicating with teammates, a top-tier gaming PC, or a custom controller for your console, Corsair supplies it all.

-It's the leader in gaming systems with a roughly 42% market share in the PC components category. Though skeptics might question the size of Corsair's market opportunity, the company itself seems to have no doubt. In its S-1, the company noted that in 2019, 94 million of the 524 million PC gamers globally spent more than $1,000 each on their gaming setups.
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