CRSR still dropping but reaching the bottom

NASDAQ:CRSR   Corsair Gaming, Inc
the yellow box is the long term buying zone reaching the bottom would be $29 ish to 31 being the top of the buying zone. The red lines show a large resistance to support zone . Buying now to 29 is easy money in a month or so.


If you’re bullish on the long term, this looks like a decent time to sell puts. I sold the $30 put myself, and if I get assigned I’ll just hold forever and sell $40 calls
I had similar analysis, and picked up the August post earnings 32.50 call for 1.40 or so. But, I wouldn’t bet the house on this trade. Eagletree capital, the main holder of CRSR is trying to exit their entire position, I hear. If they don’t do well on earnings they could have a rough time. Long term (5 years) I can’t imagine this doesn’t post big gains
@BigbyC I agree but this and pltr generally run together. I’m watching both and I favor PLTR but CRSR can move quickly back to 45 range
@bigbucksmclovin I’m not a big fan of that comparison. PLTR has a market cap of almost FIFTY BILLION, despite bringing in less revenue than CRSR (valued at only 3 billion). PLTR trades at its valuation based on speculation of a very bright future. CRSR speculation (at the current price) is actually pretty negative. Little to no growth is priced in due to thesis’ that it only did so well lately because of the pandemic. I think that is a bad thesis, Gaming will continue to grow, we all know the nerds out there hardly cared about the pandemic, they continued living through their screens just like before