ABC Bullish

NASDAQ:CRUS   Cirrus Logic, Inc
It was difficult to find the pattern and I do not see a ton of volume . Multiple tops and multiple bottoms noted. This chart is very messy. I am watching for now. Not to break out and may or may not get there is foreseeable future. Lots of R overhead. I do see a buying volume spike when it was at 57ish where it appears to be forming an inverted head and shoulders pattern
CRUS has had a tough time to say the least. I see an earnings beat on 8-3 which this stock seems to do like clock work. A catalyst may be needed for this one to truly move. I went back and forth on hitting the Long or Neutral button on this
Targets 2, which may occur after targets one and a probably pull back are 87 and 94.2

I like this stock but I do not own it, yet. I do not recommend it. Short is low