Canadian Tire Corporation Limited

Hey, this is for the Canadian tire guy that helped me today. this is for you. :)

let me start
1---- > November 1first was a record-breaking sell candle since the November 23rd, 2010, after that we had a huge rally of 300% over 4 years (NICE)
2-----> we are creating a higher macro high and so far a lower macro high on a bullish falling wedge
3-----> there is major support at the wight line at 166.51 that can not be broken that would bearish and be looking for more further downside
4-----> short term the trend is down and the target is the bottom of the wedge pointed, if broken that will be a bearish
5-----> if broken to the upside I would target the upside trend line
6-----> the trend is played in the wedge until broken up or down

{huge sell volume}
November 23rd, 2010 = 9% drop bottom 65.59$
November 1first 2019= 13% drop bottom 185.13$

hope this helps for now (NFA, DYOR)

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