Take 2 on drawing CTSI Gann Box over Fibonacci box

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After some careful work, I am taking another guess at the future of CTSI. Using the Gann box overlay, I found a very promising trend line with some very nice points of contact. Start by looking at Nov. 11th. A very significant date - where the price of CTSI met the 0.5 horizontal Gann and vertical 0.5 Gann and the candle closed at the 0.75 Gann at $1.42. "X MARKS THE SPOT!" So, now the price has corrected from the 0.5 to 0.618 over the last month. Today is landing on the 0.618 and could signal a price reversal. Notice how I drew lots of trend lines originating from the 0.0/0.0 intersection. Lots of awesome points of contact on these trend lines. We could get a serious run up here. If this coin is being manipulated by artificial intelligence, trading bots and computers, then this geometrical overlay makes a lot of sense. The computer is going to buy low and sell high while making a price pattern that looks natural, familiar and appealing to the human eye. However, it will unemotionally pull the rug right out from under you if it fakes another moon shot breakout. Good luck folks!

Not financial advice. Do your own due diligence. Just pretty pictures.

Best of luck.
CTSI is just sitting here at the 0.236 Fib level. BTC looks bottomed out so maybe a short term reversal higher in coins is coming. I'll watch this closely and take profits if the price climbs into the higher Fib ranges.
CTSI price action looks good! If you made this Gann box like I did, then go to settings and add "angles" and you'll know exactly what's going on today. Most likely the price is controlled by A.I. and trading bots. That's fine if we can figure out their programming.
I'm still in CTSI. After a few days of dropping, the price is walking up this 0/0.382 extension line and broke through a downtrending line of resistance. Since I believe we are in the 0.618-0.75 phase of time, I think we will move higher in this rectangle, especially since the 0.5-0.618 move was so dramatically down. The price action has also been below or riding the 200dma in the last few weeks. 200dma touches are about as "fair valued" as it gets.
I'm still tracking CTSI using this Gann Box. Very interested to see price action on or around Jan 20
Big move tonight. I am not surprised. If my trendline is correct, then fair value today is $1.38. That's another 88% higher from here. Just to get back to what I call fair value based on how the Gann box predicts price over time. Have fun!
So today is the Gann 0.75 date. As this Gann box predicts, a price reversal is happening. Let's see if it will move up higher with a more powerful candle later today and tomorrow.

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