CTST Great PROFIT Opportunity - Buy when others are Running!

I have been invested in ACB since early 2014-2015. The stock was highly speculative at the time with 0 confirmation of Canada fully legalizing marijuana. Fast forward to its highest point I was up 1200%. Crazy results for any day in the market...albeit if you come from crypto...well we all know that story.

As usual, you boy chases high-risk high reward type investments. POT Stocks have generated some of my biggest earnings for 2019. The market is being trashed with uncertainty in 2019 reaching both highs and lows. I would approach the remainder of 2019 to Q1-Q2 of 2020 as the transitionary phase for POT stocks as more institutional investors get involved, partnerships continue to form, and more consumer grade products (drinks, edibles, oils, etc) hit the market. Expect some bumps in prices, but its an important time for all of us to set our mindsets straight for the coming months.

Questions to ask your self:
1) What is your game plan? Long term holder? Short term? Swing?
2) Set your sell targets and stick with them
3) Do you believe in this company and its industry? If you don't...move along there are other stocks to invest in
4) If you do...I never daytrade companies I don't believe in the long term. This allows me to cut my losses when I need to..but if I need to HODL i have pure confidence it will do great long term if I just walked away for a couple of months.

Believe in yourself. Study up and you will do great!

Set Buys from $5 down to $4.75.
Hold for a swing trade or sell at your set % targets. I am personally tiering my sells from $6.5, $7.50, and long term of +$10 (1 year out).

Personally, I am a bullish long for the POT Market as a whole and CANNTRUST has enough girth to compete with the big bois with a $700M Valuation!!!!! ACB has a $7.1B Market Cap...$13B for Canopy Growth. I can easily see CTST double/triple in valuation with the recent news of partnerships. 3,000 acres to grow hemp and cannabinoids in Bakersfield, CA.

My full-time career in Industrial Real Estate has given me a lot of insight and insider info to F500 companies, institutional investors, & real estate development. POT STOCKS is the next big thing. There is a huge demand for land and warehouses for grow facilities. IIPR went 400% in 5 months and they are a REIT that focuses on MJ industrial properties. I currently represent several large Billion dollar REITs and just completed my 1st industrial development deal at the age of 26. MJ growers and companies are easily paying 3x above market value rent.

CTST being able to land lease 3,000 SF to grow is a BIG DEAL. especially in CA. Looking forward to this company blowing up over the next year :) Hope you join me for the ride!

Good luck & Happy Hunting!



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This didn't turn out too facking good did it now.
regalia flepple2
@flepple2, Hey brother! no it did not. but thats the reality of anything bad news destroys stocks great news can drive it north. Certain things happen out of the blue that we normal investors cannot find unless you are an insider. am i disappointed fuck yeah i am. But thats why you need strict defensive posture on your positions.
zwa2 regalia
@regalia, Do you think we have hit bottom? Waiting for an entry point. Buy when theres blood in the streets?