CYBR - Correction to 70 before us ?(weekly)

NASDAQ:CYBR   CyberArk Software Ltd
In blue you see the Elliott waves of my "daily degree". (Dont know, which offical EW degree that is; it is just my daily focus of interest.) In white we see the EW on the next higher degree (called "weekly" here).
CYBR in the past oftenly retraced with earnings , but usally recocered in a few days. - This can change this time dramatically: As you you see, the last daily abc reaction formed the "a" leg of an abc of a possible weekly flat. A c with an 1,4 fib retracement of the a (which is quite common) could lead the price back to the 70s region - 40 % down from here - .
Idea: In green you see important confluence zones of the CYBR Chart. (I must warn, that due to time out problems of TV server my confluence script can only base on daily resolution as maximum; calculated weekly confluence zones may differ.) The lowest line is 4% lower than actual price. I suggest to take this border as signal for sorting or selling.

kind regards and successful trading