Hello Guys,
DASH continue to consolidate, benefiting scalpers. If anything, there is a clear three falling method candlestick pattern with price action held within a $68 range marked by 24.10.2017 Hi-Los.

By 26.10.2017 close, the significance of the 20 period MA as a reliable resistance line became clear. As mentioned yesterday, that was the 26th trading day of candlestick close below that flexible resistance line after 01 .10.2017 close below.

DASH trigger will depend if there is bullish pressure pushing prices above $310 or sustained DASH pressure below 25.10.2017 lows of $260. Either way, this consolidation and correction low after Tuesday 3 day reversal pattern still justifies our bullish projection unless maybe USD bulls trend higher and push DASH prices below $260.

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