Potential Micro Bump and Run Bottom on DASH

This will be a quick post and if you want to read the textbook page on entry on BARR Bottoms it will be in the link at the bottom of the post. Key point, this is a very micro structure as on the daily time frame they are suppse to take about 35 days. In general, the lower time frame the lower the reliability.

I am already levered into DASH in a x3 and a 10x trade so I will not be using this trade looking for Entries... I will be using this trade for stop/trade management of my 10x trade. The low established a few hours ago should hold and when there is a break out I will be looking to put my stop losses under that in case it fizzles. If the action is weak at the break out I will look to close in the red zone. If we get to the full Hight I will probably be letting the trade ride and zoom my stops out again. The linked Idea is on a proper BARR on BTCUSD last bear market.
Trade closed: stop reached: Pattern busted in quick order