DATA/BTC - Streamr ready to pump soon?

BINANCE:DATABTC   Streamr DATAcoin / Bitcoin
Streamr (aka: DATA) has been on my radar a lot recently. Shorter timeframes have been showing greater than usual activity suggesting a lot of accumulation going on, zooming out to the daily chart it's easy to see why that may be. Although not a project that pops up in news feeds too often, Streamr is active and currently in the process of a token migration which they assure traders will not affect exchanges. It's possible that this may be a precursor to a larger announcement although it may just be part of the general development plan. Either way, the project's focus on enabling users to control and monetise their own data - as opposed to big tech controlling it - is something that will become increasingly relevant over the next few years, in particular within the crypto space and discussion around the metaverse.

Putting the fundamentals to one side though, the DATA/ BTC chart looks very interesting and very tradable imo. No doubt you've already looked at it before reading this so you should know where i'm going here. To start off then, we have a clear uptrend since the beginning of the year, with price following a slight zigzag pattern held up by a strong trendline support. Prior to this, last year's downtrend was held up similarly, overall this pair seems to maintain a clear and stable floor.

What's far more interesting though is the highs, data is no stranger to massive price pumps and high spikes. So far this year it has made significant moves up on 3 separate occasions: Feb, Apr & Jun, each higher than the previous. What is most interesting however are the peaks. Along with two smaller moves from Dec last year, the peaks of each pump fit perfectly to an ascending trendline as shown above. Furthermore, the timing of the Jun peak corresponds to the intersection of this trendline and a horizontal resistance line from the "shoulders" of a h&s pattern from early last year. I have opted to use the daily chart here as it better shows how fast these moves occur thus the origin of this line is off screen unfortunately, but its worth scrolling back for a look.

That brings us up to now, with the peaks-line currently just over 1000 and another intersection approaching with the resistance line from the head of the aforementioned h&s around 1100 and due to meet in a few weeks. I believe this is the reason for the accumulation and a plausible expectation for the price action over the next few weeks. I have drawn in one possible move with a pullback midway, although something like a single parabolic run is also feasible.

Currently data price is low and just above the main support so potentially we are looking at a 3x-4x move with relatively little downside. However should a noticeable break of support occur we should take that as a change of trend and nullify this plan. If everything plays as outlined, we should take note that another resistance line exists from its Nov '19 high around 1750 which may be important at a later date.

All in all, seems like a fairly good trade with a decent risk/reward ratio. Obviously not financial advice - i'm sure you'll do your own research and make your own decisions - but personally i'm joining in with the accumulation for now.