3800 on streamr until april 2020 understand how

BINANCE:DATABTC   Streamr DATAcoin / Bitcoin
Please see related ideas ... long trades to you see my vision.. enjoy
I've been warning about this amazing coin for some time
I was initially able to predict the explosion of iota
bought the .35 and sold it to 5usd
unfortunately i didn't buy iota anymore
the reason?
The tangle net was very slow when tested
but i wanted to invest in iot technology
iot is not just a pyramid, it is something real, tangible.
that's when I met streamr
streamr is iot in real time
an eth based network
very fast and functional
since when i am investing in streamr we have had many updates.
not just hires
real upgrades, we had swash, an add-on that pays for user data
important cross-platform integrations and more.

now it's not just me who sees it
I realized that in binance streamr volume has become one of the top 20
day after day the volume goes up
this happened to iota before the explosion
and now it will happen with streamr
will you go with me?