BITFINEX:DATUSD   Streamr / Dollar
Comment: DAT just hit an exact spot, a certain price at a certain time, that I marked as very very very important. The pattern has been accumilating since November (not kkidding), It's on the brink of something - either good or bad. And because of the news lately I'm convinced it will take the bullish route.
Comment: What I see is that either it goes up 1500% or it goes down 80%.
And because of good news I think up.
Comment: The margin of error in price and timing is less than 1%, maybe even less than 0.1%. It's on spot that's why I'm saying it's on the brink of something.
Comment: Expect flash crashes to kill off some weak hands before DAT going up.
Comment: Keep an eye on DAT tonight. It's on the brink...
Comment: I just noticed that all of those selling spikes resulted in a big price decline, except the last one yesterday. So maybe we'll be seeing a new way of thinking when they realize they got to change their strategy.

So far they've been trying to keep the price down with the: selling from the left hand to their right hand strategy, but must now realize that the time is up because there are other buyers coming around. Any moment they will be flocking around and try to buy some DAT.

Target: $1.5 (but I may not stay that long)
Comment: Flash crash to $0.085
Comment: Sideways/down for 20 days in my opinion. Current price 0.11
Comment: For now... In my opinion this is a dead end. Could be wrong but I'm taking that risk.
Comment: Because of the similar patterns I'm seeing in all of cryptos I am going to use a trading strategy taking into account that pattern and refusing to buy at a moment like this... Some hours after I wrote the above post of a "Dead end" the price exploded to $0.145 on some news. Sure this could be a buying signal but I'm going to keep to my trading strategy and refuse to buy. Using this strategy I expect a pullback to $0.088. Sure I could be very wrong but I don't care. I've decided to keep to this strategy 2 months ahead. The pattern is stronger than it looks on this chart because af the simple fact that I can find it everywhere.
Comment: There's a slim chance they saw my post about a dead end and decided to crush that. Just saying. And if you did that, It's a very bad idea. The good looking pattern is getting a bit ruined and fundamentals kind of doesn't matter (sounds strange). But in this upside down world only the technical seems to matter. I probably would buy a big pile of excrement if the chart would look as I wanted.
Comment: The "Dead end" seems to hold after all (note that it's just temporary).
Comment: 17 days until bull starts probably
Comment: Retacement back to $0.08 level. I'm just guessing.
Comment: 17 days until bull starts probably (according to previous calculation)
Comment: 5 days until bull starts probably (according to previous calculation)
Comment: I'm beginning to understand why we see these strange spikes upward. They all converge to $1.6 at mid July when drawing some trendlines.