DAX, Triple Top again?

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In 2007, DAX             had a triple top before the financial crisis
In 2011, DAX             has a triple top again before the major correction.
Now in 2014, seems like a similar triple top is in the process (the only different is the low after second top is lower than previous two)
Just sharing on my understanding of gap filling, there is no right or wrong, it's my own thing
To clarify my thought: as you can see from my posts, i am thinking short BUT
I know that:
over time market tend to go up.. 80% of days are positive and even in a year like 2008, you will find 55% of days are positive...
for the market to have climbed from 5 to 2080 over 100 year, there were many many instances where it looked weak but went through....

I think locally we are protected because SP500 can't go up vertically ("can't" in market terms, as everything is eventually possible).... but in 6 months.. the story is different: the sp500 could be 6% higher and the dax with beta 2 could be 10% higher...
thats through, the indices just drift higher
besides i also use yearly and quarterly chart (not available for non-paid members like me) to make major decision.
Cut loss point is beyond 10085.95
YaKa PRO jangseohee
That is a good game plan. You have a good chance to be right. I hope you are...
One of my scenarios is for equities to correct until early Feb.. potentially 1930/1880 on SPX.. then we may have a climax...
but that depends of what happens in the next 3 weeks of course.
I hope you are right.
there isnt any need to hope, if i am wrong, then i am wrong simple as that
majority of the time i will jump the gun first without waiting for confirmation, bcoz i can loss less if i am wrong and i can make bigger if i am right
jangseohee jangseohee
i still can find the "photo" yacine :-(
jangseohee jangseohee
haha XLV got big marubozu :-)
YaKa PRO jangseohee
Interesting, let's see.
Note: on your chart there is one serie of triple top that eventually led to a large move up: the period April/Sep 2010.
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