Dax retracement starting? Warning!

Dear trading friends,
The DAX30 only moved sideways in the last trading week and did not continue its impressive rise as expected. The current high for the year is 13,308 points. As we already wrote last week, there is currently nothing to suggest a trend reversal.
it is still the warning signals, divergence in the MACD and the low turnover. In addition, this week there will be a sideways movement, which will dissolve into uncertainty or trend confirmation.
This week we have drawn you the goals already communicated by us more exactly. Look at the grey boxes and the blue boxes. At the World of Trading in Frankfurt we were asked, when will the next targets be activated? The question can be answered in one sentence. If we complete the monthly closing price above 13k , there is a probability that we can pick up the grey marked targets cyclically. It should be noted that the monthly candle should not be interpreted before completion. There are still missing a 4 and a 5 of the C of the B. This means: "Rudimentary considered". A 5 can also fail and the count could also be a completely different one. Therefore pay attention to the simple Dow theory!

If the annual high is taken out without falling below the low of 13,139, we drive to the target zone B.X and then to the all-time high of the DAX .
However, if the low is undercut beforehand, target zone 1 and, if necessary, target zone 2 will be reached.

H4- neutral
Daily Long
weekly long
Monthly Long

The DAX has already left quite a few points behind in its rise. Slowly the reindeer woanders could be needed. We currently say today: For a Christmas rally we need to take a deep breath to the target zones mentioned or we need an immediate removal of the annual high. The decision should be made this week.