DEUTSCHE BOMB - Sorry I meant 'BANK'

NYSE:DB   Deutsche Bank AG
Some may not have heard of Deutsche Bank. Some may not know what 'systematic risk' is. Well, whether you heard of any of this before listen up. DB has been in serious trouble for years and in recent weeks there is more trouble.

As the rules do not allow me to reference what I say here, people will need to Google some of this.

Deutsche Bank has been over leveraged to the tune of Trillions. Then recently there has leveraging of the leveraging, to put that in a nutshell.

Read up on level 3 assets in relation to Deutsche Bank. Germany's domestic economy relies heavily on Deutsche Bank. DB is totally wired into major banks globally.

Share holder confidence in DB has been galloping south in recent weeks. Would you buy shares in DB? Some say when there's blood on the streets that's the best time to jump in. Sorry - some can go right ahead. I like my money in my pocket.

Looking into the derivatives fiasco looming on DB the whole world is at risk! If DB falls watch out for shockwaves globally.

Disclaimer: This educational post is not intended for trading or investing decision-making. No liabilities accepted.
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