New Pairs Today - $LOW $TJX $AVB $IYR $DBX $BOX

Hey guys, we had a nice uptick in volatility today with the VIX climbing to 29.2, with that I put on 3 new pairs trades. Long $TJX / Short $LOW - Long $AVB / Short $IYR - Long $BOX / Short $DBX. I still have 3 other open pairs trades.

Barring any unexpected event I think volatility could stay tame up until the election in 2 weeks then we could see some massive re-pricing on the day of the election and the following several sessions as the market re-prices assets according to what new administration is set to takeover the White House, so I plan on having light exposure going into the election, not putting on any new trades in the several days leading into the election and then look for volatility spikes afterwards to enter new pairs trades.


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