DBX can go BOOM! ER run up

NASDAQ:DBX   Dropbox, Inc
DBX close to breaking out this yearly down trend resistance line (yellow). With ER approaching I can see a push to 30 this week if we some significant volume on the breakout. Small c&h to complete the right shoulder for inverse H&S pattern screams bullish to me.

Key Levels:
Support: 23.79, 21.67, 20.68
Resistance: 25.16, 26.37, 27.39, 28.77

Options to consider:
25C 2/12 .80 (Medium Risk weekly)
26C 2/12 .48 (High Risk weekly)
25C 2/19 1.74 (Safe ATM option)
30C 2/12 .11 (Extreme risk lotto)
35C 7/16 1.52 (Long term lotto)

option terms:
ITM: In the Money
OTM: Out the Money
ATM: At the money
Lotto: High risk play with very minimal chance of profit

Credit: Tomikazi @TheTomikazi and Tiffany (twitter: @dnvenom) putting this on my WL