DCN / ETH Downlink. Reversal zones. Work from the trend.

HITBTC:DCNETH   Dentacoin / Ethereum
Downtrend on Dentacoin coin forming a channel.
For the year in the channel there were 3 pumping from the bottom of the channel + 83%, + 77%, + 175%.
Perhaps in the near future we will see the next pumping price.

At the moment, a wedge has formed in the channel.
  It was possible to lower the price in this pair in connection with the growth of ether (the coin to which is being traded). Remember what I described in the training idea on asynchronous work on alt and BTC (ETH, LTC). The potential of the channel is + 470%.

The points (zones) of the price reversal I showed on the chart. Also watch carefully for the downtrend line of the wedge ( wedge resistance).

Entrance when the price overcomes the line of resistance of the wedge (red line).
But on the other hand, in the majority of pumping occurred by pulses so as not to let those who wait a little cheaper enter.

Stop Loss Set Stop Loss value with calculation of your trading strategy and money management.

Target. The potential of the channel is + 470%.
But any line of the downtrend of the channel can act as a resistance.
If the price can overcome the downtrend channel (channel resistance), a reversal of this secondary downtrend will occur. Then the goals can already be impressive. Levels shown on the chart.

The legend of the project is Blockchain's solution for the global dental industry. The legend, unlike other promising projects, is supported by the principle: “Someday we will turn the mountains”, at least by their activity. Confuses a large number of blocked coins. Therefore, this coin is not for holding, but for speculation from a good entry point to the planned exit or exit from certain situations in the market.

In November-December 2017, before all the high season of altcoins, I earned decently on this coin. Working in the channel about 2 months to the pump by + 1900%, and then more than + 8000%. Pumping was with an acceptable volume for such a coin. Unfortunately or fortunately, more than 70% of my position was sold out + 300%.

My walls were torn down and the price flew into heaven. I recorded a profit. Then I played with what was left, gradually increasing the number of coins on rising prices. At any moment, I could sell on the market, like any exit price - for me there was already a profit. Above + 1000% of the accumulation zone the game stopped, I already had enough. There was no longer any liquidity with a rise in prices; games began for the chart, but not for earnings . Further there was a green light for super greedy and inadequate people. Let me remind you that the price soared by more than + 8000%. Price increase took place in just 3 weeks.

Why did this happen? Why did they manage to raise their price? Why were there mostly inadequate buyers, but no sellers? There are several reasons. If I have time, I will make a teaching idea and describe what happened there, so that you see such manipulations. And in the future you knew what to do and what not to do.
By the way, similar manipulations are now happening on some coins, I won’t write the name, how it will look like an advertisement. I don’t need that.

Psychology. Traps. The reason and the possibility of pump +8200%
Trade closed: target reached: + 50% of the specified reversal zone to the downtrend resistance line. Then the price failed to break through the resistance and the downtrend continued.

At the moment, if the price overcomes this zone and consolidates, a reversal of the downtrend is possible.
Trade closed: target reached: Local uptrend is developing +40% + 115%. The instrument goes against the market.
Trade closed: target reached: + 44% + 44% Ross Hook. Small trend reversal zone. Local work
Comment: More than + 1100% exactly at the level of 12313 This is how it will be in one moment with 4 highly liquid instruments, with one you can say in a moment.

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