Decred (DCR) This Is It, This Might Be The Good One! (20%/70%)

BINANCE:DCRBTC   Decred / Bitcoin
DCRBTC (Decred) has been staying above EMA300 for several days now and bullish momentum is building up... This is it, this might be the good one.

There have been multiple attempts at higher prices with little success but now that EMA300 is a thing of the past, a level that has been challenged since early December finally breaks, we can see a strong impulse move takes place.

We can easily see 20%+ from the current price...
And 70%+ in just a few days.

The targets are marked on the chart.

Wishing you great profits, health, wealth, & success.

This is Alan Masters.

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Nice work. What's next?
This played out so perfectly, DCR is unstoppable .
Thanks my friend...
It seems that it can also be created for the USDT chart?

What do you think could be the best entry point?

Thank you
how about Tnxp stock?
AlanSantana nisargshah89
@nisargshah89, Cryptocurrency (Altcoins King).