NYSE:DDD   3D Systems Corporation
$DDD leads the IBD50 this week. I have tagged this chart with the top ten names listed by IBD. Please always verify the symbols from your own sources. The purpose of these posts are to inform you on the leading stocks published by the Investors Business Daily. The IBD50 is a highly respected and followed list and to bring all the names to TradingView in one place is a dream of mine. You can always follow me @BeautyBubble on twitter , but ask that you also add me to your follow list here on the platform. Thank you very much.


Earnings that will be announced 10.31.2012 : V,MA,RL,CLX,MELI,GMCR,GRMN,HES,AMT,MT,ARW,GSK,HAR : I am working on how best to represent multiple tickers on the platform. The best idea has yet to hit my desk, so if anyone of you have an idea, please leave your comment on this post. You can always follow me @BeautyBubble on twitter. Thank you very much.