(One of) The terrible consequence of lockdown

This crap spread to Europe.

Meanwhile Sweden having a beautiful and calm summer.

Russia has already called covid-19 a hoax, because they claim 12.5% of the city have antibodies, and less than 2000 died, they estimated a death rate of 0.12%

"At least 12.5% of Moscow population has covid-19 antibodies".

Madrid has also 10 to 14% of its population that developped antibodies.

20% of people tested in New York had antibodies.

I heard Germany interior ministery called covid-19 a hoax but could not confirm and I expect this to be an exageration.

The russian supreme court, back more than 1 month ago has banned (with strict punishment) the proliferation of fear mongering.

Remember in 2016 Putin banned the Rothschild New World Order banking cabal from Russia "under any circumstance" and declared "total independance".

George Soros is also banned from Russia (plus a few other countries).

Trump has retweeted a fox news segment that contained (this was just part of it) a part where a man - afro american btw - said the US should have "deported George Soros several decades ago he's a destruction to our civilisation and a clear and present danger to our country"

This cracks me up, don't want to spread conspiracy theories, just saying this is how people feel about Soros, the Rothschilds and their "philanthropy" and "New World Order", I mean these guys literally said there should be an international coalition of big bankers that would be a government to govern all nations...

If the US kicks Soros out, make sure to send Bill Gates and his vaccine along.

The majority of the population is not mentally insane and we'll get out of this stronger. Or alive at least that would be nice.
We really have to do something about the over urbanisation and the high incidence of mental illnesses.

GDP in Q2 predicted to contract by 50%!
Before thinking of buying cheap shares in the future, or shorting when really wise retail investor stop buying, the priority is to stay alive.

I think Europe should do allright, people are mentally ill and absolute cucks but they are not as angry as young americans that are literally poor people.
Americans that live anywhere but in ultra progressive democrat run cities should be ok. The rest... yikes, absolute devastation.
And how will people even eat of the stores are all burned down? Well anyway no point dragging into this cancer I'll end this idea here.

"Maybe saddling an entire generation of kids with debt & no hope of joining the property class while sending them to institutions that marinate them in neo-Marxist ideology wasn't such a good idea."

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