COVID-19 Deaths US. P-Modeling Pt A. The Great Vaccine Debate

This one is Self Explanatory..

It is such a depressing prediction.

786,564+ US Covid-19 Deaths by Halloween, 2021.

612,982 US Covid-19 Deaths as of this post.

We will skip the reasons why..
People are dumb.
Trust the science.

Thanks for Pondering the Unknown with Me,

Comment: In the chart above are two green triangles. You can click on these to see my past posts of my previous covid-19 models.
Comment: Model has maintained 98.7% accuracy in tracking US deaths from covid-19 so far.

Press play.

Trade active: 645,385.

still at 98.3% follow thru.
Trade active: 99.1%.

highest yet. basically perfection at this date.
slope now increases by 1.5x

not cool.


When I hear “trust the science” I cringe. Before you assume my stance on vaccines, I am fully vaccinated since April. “The science” is built on faulty data collection methods falsely classifying Covid deaths and ignoring co-morbidities. Based on my direct inside information at multiple large medical networks I concluded that much of the data published is simply “garbage in, garbage out”. There is science on both sides of this debate. Get the vaccine if you want it. Don’t ridicule people for making personal health/risk choices. Your charts are only as good as the underlying data. Keep up the good charts though.
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@stvmmmr so if that is the case I guess we better not trust the scientists. If your idea is that all scientists engage in faulty data collection methodologies and/or blatantly falsifying the data I guess why trust them at all?!?

I am absolutely going criticize the idea that all data gathered thus far is “garbage in, garbage out” that is a simple outright disrespect to legions of scientists who take their jobs very seriously.

Its narrative manipulation. Not data manipulation, the data can be excellent but how its presented really matters. If you want to critique the methodology you critique the presentation of the data, not the actual data collection.
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stvmmmr Glitch420
@Glitch420, I didn’t say ALL scientists are promoting invalid data nor that all data is invalid. And yes, scientists can take their jobs serious and still be incorrect. That’s no disrespect it’s just reasonable understanding they are human. The method for gathering much of the data is faulty, hence garbage in garbage out. You should never “trust the science” but the true methods of science of require we ALWAYS test and challenge even the things that are considered fact. That’s why things that are that are considered “known science” changes over time.
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wow you believe in the covid hoax? guess your other ideas are bullshit too.

sucks to suck.
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@tb1337, explain why covid is hoax
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Glitch420 Bearliever
@Bearliever, don't waste your breath trying to convince non-believers. They tend to end up intubated anyways, I wish that on no one.. But its just curious to me the ones who scream hoax are the ones that beg for it right before intubation. Its simply too late at that point for them. I wish them nothing but health but science wins in this fight.

It's really sad the stories I have heard from my friends who work in ICU as nurses in different hospitals.

But what do they know right?
Bearliever Glitch420
@Glitch420, I understand this finally, curiosity gets the best of me for someone that has so much anger and hate.
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allthemoneys Glitch420
@Glitch420, follow the money kids.

unless your the type of trader who ignores the COT on

then by all means continue to ignore
cause it doesnt take brains to see that covid and the vax are a scam, it just takes time and effort to FOLLOW THE MONEY.

you might as well be trading forex blind if you dont check the CFTC COT
and you dont know what you are talking about just quoting the Paid Scientists that collect checks from Big Pharma, and dont FOLLOW THE MONEY
@tb1337, Imagine being so daft that you totally ignore what your own eyes see. These people are truly deranged.
How do people "un"die? Should this print either be flat or green at all times?