Are we going to see the new ATH in the DeFi sector?

Hello everyone,

First off, this is not a financial advice. Now let's begin.

A couple of posts below I have shared my view about the Macro cycle of the BTC . It follows the cycle as predicted, but there was a factor in the beginning-mid August when billions and trillions of dollars were coming to the exchanges. I was sure that these money won't be invested in BTC , because of my view about the macro cycle of bitcoin . However, as we know, every token and coin follows the Bitcoin . Well, it turned out that not any. ADA recently made the new ATH and a lot of another coins but mostly from the DeFi sector.

Right now is a crucial moment for the DeFi as a whole because we reached global fibonacci golden pocket and need to penetrate it in order to set the new ATHs. According to Wyckoff Accumulation (Although it's not perfect on the chart) it looks like we're at the Phase D and entering Phase E and really everything is looking in the bull's favor for the long term.

Again, not a financial advice, just sharing my thoughts. Will be interested to hear your feedback.