DERO - currently in my top10 list....

We entered this back in 2020, rock bottom prices, but the last entry i shared on trading view was insane... as we caught a potential pump and dump (labelled by public) for me was a breakout run, then a long retracment due to lack of volume . The crypto vigilante subscription shilled it up weeks before they released this 'report release' - then when they released it everyone fomo'd in... I shared the trade set up a day or two before this happened due to the spike in price mark up, in fact we were well early!

So moving forwards we can see a move away form the 78.6% retracment level from that exact move, and we are back at a peak, so is maybe about removing risk, or awaiting the breakout to trade this beast.
Comment: 18%+
Comment: Flying...hit $12.5...
Comment: 16.25 target was met, price immedietly reclaimed 13 level. bullish rpcie structure still in tact.