DFS: Post-FOMC long

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6 months ago
DFS             is offering an interesting setup in the monthly, daily and 65 min charts. We can clearly see the reaction to the news has been positive and can expect continuation into the highs. Target on chart is derived from monthly price action, the stop from the daily, and we use the 65 min timeframe to get a clear picture of the price action around the news. All 3 timeframes support the idea that going long at market open is wise.
Risk is a drop to 53.74, but upside is as high as 58.10 within 3 months or less.

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6 months ago
Comment: I like the new daily high and the position of the close so far, let's see how it goes.
6 months ago
Comment: Great progress!
6 months ago
Comment: Looks good so far.
6 months ago
Comment: More than 1R profit already.
6 months ago