NYSE:DG   Dollar General Corporation
DG had a bad reaction to earnings and fell quite a bit. It has been like a rocket stock since.

The last time DG had a bearish divergence between price and RSI , it fell substantially. DG also had an ugly top then as well. One appears to be trying to form now. Not long enough to say for sure. Divergences do not always affect a security in the short term. It is good to be aware though.

A lot of green. Watching. I bought this on the deep pull back and contemplating selling half. May have be a mistake to sell. I am hoping to catch it again soon if I do. I am thinking someone will take profit soon. But even with all that green, it is not overbought yet.

Decisions such as these can be very difficult.

The monthly and weekly candles looks bullish . NV and OBV are both high.

No recommendation