Close above 40, Set for a long

If we break and hold above 40 Next stop is 65. Expecting s little pullback then back above 65. This all with news coming soon on new developments and updates. This could blow out the water.
If we close above the cloud it will signal a reversal for DGB and Would be a long regardless of speed buys.
Comment: Pattern completing nicely. Correct perediction of a pull back on 40 before moving past.
Then there has been a shallow retest on 40 (This is shallow so could try again)
if this new run from 40 gets momentum the first part is success.
There is big news coming from Digibyte very soon. They have a fully tested and working segwit core update coming out with loads of new core features. Testing is to be concluded today with a drop of the new update "While its hot" according to the lead dev.
This coin is heavily undervalued. and I can see it going parabolic if it catches on.
But as always be careful out there.
Comment: Still on track.
Expect a little pull back from here before the decision about the resistance line
Trade closed: target reached: Dont think this trade could of gone better. Pattern hit almost perfectly with the pullbacks in just the right spot.

Made some nice gain here.
And holding a pot from 23 sats for long term as I think this coin is going places.