DGBBTC Long Term 1000% Potential

We signaled this at the bottom in November under 100 sats and got beautiful profits in a few weeks to the run towards 600 sats .

There is still large upside long term for this coin.

Trades like this are why I'm a bottom-up trader, I love overlooked coins that have been downtrending for a while, risk is low as selling pressure is nonexistent since a long term downtrend wiped out most sellers, only people left are determined HODLers, therefore it does not have much room to fall below accumulation zone.

I LOVE low risk high reward & you should too!

We have recommended other things like SNOV, ZCL, PHR , DRGN & more but cannot do so here since we cannot trade those pairs, but if you are interested in things like this & small / micro caps, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter below:

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