dgb will make is about to make an orgasimic launch

BITTREX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Keep dgb on watch , It's aboyt to make beautiful run . First target insight is 2200 sats . It's look good so. cast you buy ladders I would so ! I will uodate it regulary


Those Elliot Waves look wrong as the 4 retraces into the first wave.
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cryptomanna inside20
@inside20, you are right, the wave count in incorrect. We are in wave 2 and will probably test 360 sats before starting the mark back up to 1000 sats.
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Sir_DURZO cryptomanna
@cryptomanna, That's is even better news, How you you have labeld the eliot waves . I'm very curious .Thx for the input
Sir_DURZO inside20
@inside20, Thx for the input .How you have done it ?
Bishop Sir_DURZO

That's how I would...
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Bishop Bishop
Also see a potential H&S setup with the right stopping out near 690-700 sat. Hard to really see this dropping below 380 and I think anywhere between 380-500 is an excellent spot to scoop:
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