DGDBTC starting wave 3 ?

Is DGD starting wave 3 of its elliot wave cycle ? Target could be 39760 satochi.
Trade active
Trade active: We touched support again. W'll see where it goes from here.
Option 1: We go up from here and start wave 3 (but need volume increasing for that)
Option 2: We dip down some more and go to retracement Fib level 0.618 at satochi level 26550 or even Fib level 0.786 at satochi level 24495, before going up on wave 3 again.

For now the possible target for wave 3 is still accurate at satochi level 39900.

I will update the target if we retrace more. If further retracement happens, buy more at 0.618 and 0.786 retracement levels.
Comment: Touched Bounced from 0.618 Fib retracement. Waiting for volume to go up to confirm the start of Wave 3.
Trade active: We are retracing to the 0.786 Fib retracement first at 24500 satochi
Comment: DGD is doing the opposite move from BTC. So if BTC goes down, then DGD goes up. I will sell my DGD when BTC reaches its resistance around 8900$. There are no guarantees what this coin will do when BTC starts rising again.
Order cancelled


That didn‘t work out. Is your trade still active??
tom_d trenncost
@trenncost, I am also still in, but will now sell at target 35000, which I think we will reach during the last leg of the BTC downfall. However do your own TA, because this is just my opinion.
in at 30000! T1:36500, T2 39500. THX
Last month it reached to 0.06 with less volume than the volume now. Don’t you think it will make it to 0.06 again?
tom_d MohanadKattan
@MohanadKattan, possible, but I want to be conservative. It can always shoot through to the next level on wave 3. That would be 47427 satochi
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@tom_d, Logic! :)