DGLY ready for takeoff, watch for the squeeze

NASDAQ:DGLY   Digital Ally, Inc
Hi guys,

I haven't posted anything in a while. This is the latest stock I am watching. I personally do not know any of the fundamentals about this company. I am purely looking at this chart, and it is looking very nice. It is holding above the 200 SMMA , and bouncing quite nicely off this trend line on the daily chart . A perfect entry would be around $2.35 - $2.45. You could buy in now, but you would assume more risk. I would not hold this stock if it broke hard below the trend line it has established. I could see this stock breaking $4 again soon. If we get a big enough move, it will squeeze the shorts and push price up to $10 or more. I have been watching the daily short interest on this stock and it's right around 50% lately. Someone get Wall Street Bets on the phone so we can run over some more hedge funds. Happy trading everyone!

- Matt