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Dow Jones* often refers to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which was one of the first stock indices and is one of the most commonly referred to barometers of equity performance in the United States. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, not to be confused with the Dow Jones Transportation index (which was the first index), is often called, "the Dow" or "DJIA," and consists of thirty stocks which traditionally were industrial-based. But in recent years as the US economy has become more consumer-oriented, the index has seen a change in composition that no longer has much to do with direct industrial investment.


SonicDeejay SonicDeejay PRO US30USD, D, Long , 11 hours ago
US30USD: Dow Jones Daily Update (17 Jan 2017)
100 0 2
US30USD, D Long
Dow Jones Daily Update (17 Jan 2017)
DJ is trapped in the tight range for a month. The situation is just like last November. Violent Break Out is due soon and I am expecting 20k is pretty possible. I am standing with Slight Bullish view for now. Trade Safe s0nic
MagicView MagicView US30, D, Long , 15 hours ago
23 0 2
US30, D Long
...from first day of Trump administration Long
4XSetUps 4XSetUps YM1!, 60, Long , a day ago
YM1!: YM1! @ 1h @ will bulls defend 19660 before trump start friday ?
13 0 6
YM1!, 60 Long
YM1! @ 1h @ will bulls defend 19660 before trump start friday ?
Take care & analyzed it again - it`s always your decision ... (for a bigger picture zoom the chart) This is only a trading capability - no recommendation !!! Buying/Selling or even only watching is always your own responsibility ... Best regards :) Aaron
dhananjay.d.joshi dhananjay.d.joshi PRO NIFTY, D, 2 days ago
NIFTY: Rule of 52
430 10 12
Rule of 52 Rule of 52, by the name you must have understood that it has got something to do with number 52. Your guess is correct but this has got nothing to do with price prediction it has got everything to do with time, when price may turn. Up, Down or Sideways all such analysis can ...
markrivest markrivest SPX, 15, Short , 3 days ago
SPX: SPX Intra Day Wave Count 1/13/17
145 8 6
SPX, 15 Short
SPX Intra Day Wave Count 1/13/17
Today 1/13/17 the Nasdaq Composite again made a all-time high unconfirmed by the SPX and DJIA. This is a sign of weakness because less stocks are participating in the rally. The SPX may have completed a Elliott Wave Running Flat. See "Elliott Wave Principle" pages 46-47. This is a very bearish pattern and fits ...
markrivest markrivest SPX, 15, Short , 6 days ago
SPX: SPX and NDX Divergence Update 1/10/17
131 8 11
SPX, 15 Short
SPX and NDX Divergence Update 1/10/17
Today 1/10/17 the divergence between the SPX and NDX continued as the NDX and main Nasdaq Composite (IXIC) made new highs that were unconfirmed by SPX and DJIA. This is a sign of thinning market breath. The situation is actually much more bearish if you drill down and examine new 52- week highs. Nasdaq ...
markrivest markrivest SPX, 15, Short , 5 days ago
SPX: Watch SPX and IXIC on open 1/12/17
87 2 6
SPX, 15 Short
Watch SPX and IXIC on open 1/12/17
Watch IXIC - Nasdaq Composite in the first hour of trading 1/12/17. The IXIC at the close 1/11/17 was close to its all-time high of 5564.30. If IXIC exceed 5564.30 with SPX failing to reach its all-time high 2282.10 and the DJIA fails to reach its all time high of 19,999.60 this would be a bearish divergence and ...
markrivest markrivest NDX, 15, Short , 7 days ago
NDX: Update to 1/9/17 intra day NDX Sell Signal
51 0 7
NDX, 15 Short
Update to 1/9/17 intra day NDX Sell Signal
Today the main Nasdaq Composite (IXIC) made a new all-time high unconfirmed by the other two main US stock indices (SPX) and (DJIA) when this phenomenon occurs it frequently is the prelude to an intermediate peak. My last post earlier today was made just after what appeared to be the completion of an Elliott wave ...
BobVanders BobVanders US30, D, Short , 9 days ago
US30: Dow 20k fail (Again) - Bearish Divergence
226 3 13
US30, D Short
Dow 20k fail (Again) - Bearish Divergence
There are signs a top may be forming here. We've had a very extended bull run, and now we're beginning to see very clear divergence between price and RSI on the daily. Divergence alone is not a setup. Divergence can continue far longer than most people are prepared to hold a drawdown. It's just a reason we might ...
motawfik motawfik DJY0, D, 6 days ago
DJY0: DJIA Daily
50 0 2
DJIA Daily
DJIA Daily , we are still in the same wave and pattern , after this correction , we should see new top before the big correction which dow pepper to it :(
elp elp NQ1!, D, 7 days ago
NQ1!: NQ Broadening Top
81 0 5
NQ1!, D
NQ Broadening Top
The NQ is making a broadening top pattern. This is not a bearish or bullish pattern, since it trends upward 49.6% of the time and downward 50.3% of time. It has a nice look, where price was trending upward 6 months leading into the pattern, with downward sloping volume. To pick a top in this market is dangerous, ...
motawfik motawfik DJY0, W, 14 days ago
98 0 4
I believe Dow nearest to new crisis
markrivest markrivest DJI, D, Short , 19 days ago
DJI: DJIA Momentum Turns Bearish
88 2 8
DJI, D Short
DJIA Momentum Turns Bearish
Short term seasonal patterns are bullish in the last week of the year. Also the DJIA is near 20,000 giving additional bullish incentive. Today 12/28/16 was very significant, in spite of the bullish factor the DJIA had a relatively large down day and triggered bearish cross overs in the daily Stochastic and ...
markrivest markrivest IXIC, 15, Short , 12 days ago
IXIC: Nasdaq Composite Leads the Way Down
55 0 9
IXIC, 15 Short
Nasdaq Composite Leads the Way Down
The Nasdaq Composite (IXIC) has an amazingly clear five waves down followed by a very clear "a-b-c" up to an EXACT .786 retrace. Waves "a" and "c" are near equal. This is a text book Elliott wave structure. 15 minute RSI and MACD are bearish. Very high probability IXIC will be down on 1/5/17. SPX and DJIA ...
markrivest markrivest SPX, D, Short , 19 days ago
SPX: SPX Opening Call 12/28/16
78 2 6
SPX, D Short
SPX Opening Call 12/28/16
The intra day price data from SPX 12/27/16 trading is not showing so I have to use a daily chart. The decline from the high on 12/27/16 looks like a clean "a-b-c" correction. S&P 500 futures are up pre open so there is a high probability of a SPX rally in the first hour. Intraday rising trend line crosses near ...
markrivest markrivest SPX, 15, 20 days ago
SPX: SPX Opening Call 12/27/16
98 2 14
SPX, 15
SPX Opening Call 12/27/16
Pre open S&P futures are up and indicate the SPX could open above a short term declining trend line. If the SPX can move above 2266.30 which is .618 of the most recent short term decline it will open the door for the SPX to rally up to the last near term high in the 2272 area. Short term seasonal patterns are ...
markrivest markrivest DJI, D, Short , a month ago
DJI: DJIA Fibonacci Time Cycle
65 1 8
DJI, D Short
DJIA Fibonacci Time Cycle
This is a follow up to my first post on Trading View four months ago. The Fibonacci sequence is as follows. (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144, 233 to infinity...) Occasionally markets turn on Fibonacci sequence numbers. Today 12/21/16 Winter Solstice the DJIA came one point away from making a new all-time ...
markrivest markrivest SPX, 15, Short , a month ago
SPX: SPX OPEN 12-21-16
77 0 8
SPX, 15 Short
SPX OPEN 12-21-16
On 12/20/16 the SPX hit the shorting target zone about 15 minutes after the open. Because the DJIA did not reach 20,000 and was very close at the close on 12/20/16 there is a good chance it could hit that level today. If so the SPX could rally back up to the 12/20 high or a little above. I still think the SPX ...
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