DOW -WaveTalks - Cracks 1900 points / Nifty - Ab tera kya hoga ?

DJCFD:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
WaveTalks - DOW -Cracks 1900 points in 2 days / Nifty - Ab tera kya hoga ?

Welcome you all in the exciting update on WaveTalks !!!

As per the idea published on 12th Jan 2020 - Nifty : Stellium Effect (Stellium - Astro term)

Have Suggested Dow close to a primary top on 17th Jan 2020 & India Nifty made a top next week on 20th Jan 2020 - Looking for a fall close from 29500 which is psychological level update in later videos - just broke the channel convinced all bulls nothing is wrong & revisited - made new high above 29500 - Here's a catch !

Penultimate waves always have painful end. Time & again it has proved correctly - This time wasn't any surprise !

As usual Bulls convince themselves nothing is wrong & bears get excited but unfortunately market never listens anyone be it a bull or a bear - it just does what it likes the best!!! - Don't trade with emotions else you are calling for trouble.

Most Important clue suggested for proposed India Nifty Fall from channel top at 12350-12450 are mentioned below
DJIA - Dow Jones Industrial Average
Dollar Rupee - Expected move above 70.50 for 72.25 & above 72.50 for 74.50+

Nifty - Ab tera kya hoga ??? ( I still suggest don't be a bull neither a bear -never get excited in trades - control your emotions & trade what market tells you )

13th Jan 2020 - Dow Jones

25th Feb 2020 - Dow at 27081

10th Jan 2020 - Dollar Rupee Expected to fall on smooth talks post Geo-political tension between U.S. & Iran - meanwhile -both Global Markets & Indian markets rallied for new highs. India Nifty rallied from 11930 to 12375-12430- where caution was already suggested as channel top.

Nifty - Ab Tera Kya Hoga ???
Check the TradingView profile page for previous ideas at https://in.tradingview.com/u/AbhishekHSi...

Thanks for reading the update, your precious time & be careful in trading - don't listen anyone -neither bulls nor bears only practice hearing what price talks.

Trade active: 13th Jan 2020

Nifty at channel top 12350-12400 -Ready for Big Move Down - Can this be a big C-wave ??? for 11500 -11600 / Below 11500 for 11100

Trade active: 09:44 Hrs / 26th Feb 2020

Last Price @ 11713

There is a strong support zone in 11680-11715 - Don't Forget the History !!!

Post Corporate Rate Tax Cut on 20th Sep 2019 - Index had Sharp bounce from 10670's & rallied upside to halt in 11680-11715 zone so today's low @11680 can hold markets back.

Any further selling has to be in tranches - so next selling only below 11680- today's low.

"Don't listen anyone -neither bulls nor bears only practice hearing what price talks"

Thanks & Enjoy the Day.
Trade active: 13:05 Hrs / 26th Feb 2020

Last Price @ 11729

Nifty Index bounced 6-8 points above day low @ 11680 - this was 2nd attempt of holding as support zone between 11680-11700

We are expecting upside push next if this zone is intact - Kindly manage your risk properly. Thanks
Trade active: 13:48 Hrs / 26th Feb 2020

Last Price @ 11765

Minor Resistance & profit bookings can happen close to 11780's
Trade active: 14:25 Hrs / 26th Feb 2020 -

Last Price @ 11693

Nifty Profit Bookings were done in correct time between 11750-11760 - later it falls to 11697 - Isn't this amazing !!!
Trade active: 20:04 Hrs / 26th Feb 2020

Dow Update

Last Price @ 27360

Dow is up 275 points at the moment - Reason the Technical Bounce - Extend The Upper Trendline of the Triangle & See The Short Term Magic with your own eyes. Enjoy

Trade active: 00:38 Hrs IST / 27th Feb 2020

Last Price @ 27015

Moving above 27000 on sustained basis - reversal is next what we expect towards

27275 - 1st Target

27525/ 27625 - 2nd Target (Above 27350)

28150 -3rd Target (Above 27650)

Trade closed manually: 11:53 Hrs / 27th Feb 2020

Idea is closed. Thanks for all support.
Best Regards,
Abhishek H. Singh, CMT
​Growth Director - TradingView India

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nice sirji
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Sir great catch for 11750-11760 zone.. hats off
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Thank you . Back to work today after the demise of my mom two weeks back .
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@boindala99, That was sad news. May God let her soul rest in peace.
Thank you
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nifty ka bhi wahi hoga jo masur e demand aur supply hoga
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AbhishekHSinghCMT Vikalpbothara
@Vikalpbothara, Let us wait & watch - So far 11680 -11700 is acting as support & suggested above as last comment.
thank you... always post ideas so we can learn from you...
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AbhishekHSinghCMT aniruddha771
@aniruddha771, Cheers
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thanks for the update and yes will remember to be not bear or bull and take strategy according to levels...Happy holi sir.
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