DJ:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index

Just my observations looking back on all the events during this credit expansion cycle. VERY interesting when you look at the RSI indicator below.
Look at all the historical market events that correlate to exact tests.

***The Cryptocurrency markets will lead the way off the cliff .
We may have already started... I really don't know if we're going to 100k but I am holding my crypto still because it is the future.

Think about it.
The best performing assets usually are the ones that crash and pop the bubble because they pumped the bubble up so much.
What has been the best performing asset over the last 10 years? Crypto.

I love crypto and know blockchain is the future, but my blockchain friends need to remember that crypto will most likely crash similar to the 1929 crash. We'll wipe away all the bad cryptos and fakes by devastating the market so badly that only the real projects stay.
Those will be the Amazon, Apple , and Google of crypto.
If you have cash at the bottom of the crash and are able to invest then, you could be set for life.

Should be able to buy a country if you figure out how to short this correctly. I appreciate any advice you experts may have. Buying VXX puts seems to be the general consensus. Maybe 1-2 years out?...
I've only traded for 6 years so I'm still trying to understand the markets.

(NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. Just what I'm seeing.)
Comment: Notice how both the indexes and volatility are going up at the same time.
Comment: If you zoom in (press the + on chart) you can see what I'm pointing to better.

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