Short Here or Short There

DJ:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
We Broke the Trendline Bullish , Market Will Retest, Maybe Come back up and test the highs forming an M and Drop to Major Support just below 16000 or Lower. Sellers will reenter soon considering some whales have been selling everything recently.
Comment: We have formed what seems to be a double top M, currently retesting the wicks on the Monthly, if this doesn't hold, we are looking at a major down turn. Could be quick drop or take years, but it seems to be coming.

We could also possibly see more fundamental news and stimulus that would throw us in a bubble and make the retrace go even deeper. Let's wait and see.
Comment: I will Update this Idea with new chart soon. This will imo be a major crash down to 10000 at some point within next few years