DJI -> Ready to repeat 1929 crash?

TVC:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Since 1929 crisis, Dow Jones has been in a massive uptrend. Almost a century uptrend. 1973, 2000, 2008 crisis are not even near what happened in 1929. Yes, most people do not believe American markets will crash at some point. But I do think, this crash will not be same as the ones the traders are used to. This crash will be a massive century correction. Years of correction of a huge massive BUBBLE.

RSI and Stochastic yearly totally overbought. Elliott Waves counting near to an end? I may be wrong, but it must happen at some point! Not trying to say when exactly, not trying to be pessimistic, but to me at least that's what I see from this chart. Just a matter of reflection my friends, do not want to scare anybody or play the oracle . 100 years uptrend must have and END!


Have to break an egg to make an omelet, big wealth transfer ever about to happen/is happening.