DJI - Wall Street - melt up or melt down coming - your choice.

Central banks around the world are coordinating in a last stand to prevent global meltdown. So - they're about to decide massive liquidity injections into 'their economies'. China, the USA, Singapore are already on board. Expect Germany to follow cuz the German economy is on the brink of a recession.

What this could mean is a number of things:
1. The punters love it - and blow the markets north like nobody's business.
2. The punters reject it - and bail out with cash in hand which they'll pump into Gold (a better investment at this time).
3. Or - heavy volatility in coming days in a massive bear-bull fight, before the markets make a final decision.

All of this stuff has been triggered by an itty bitty virus that disrespects everybody. The world is now waking up to how central China is to global supply chains of commodities , manufactured parts, goods and services.

No predictions from me - as I have no working crystal ball.

Disclaimers & Declarations: This is not financial advice or encouragement to trade in securities. If you act on anything said here and lose your money, kindly sue yourself!

There is now hard evidence linking the origin of COVID-19 to a laboratory in Wuhan 300yards from the fish market.

Hold on! This is not a conspiracy theory. Did I say hard evidence? Yes I did.

Popular media reported that this was a conspiracy theory a few days ago. Now it's no longer a conspiracy theory a whole load of facts have emerged. Those needed to learn more can message me.
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