DJ:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
DOW - Basic trend analysis shows long-term trend-line BROKEN. Bearish momentum is fully confirmed by market structure breaking to create LOWER-LOWS. A severe sell-off occurred which has been highlighted in BLUE with a bounce at support. Bullish continuation is NOT confirmed as market structure is now creating LOWER-LOWS

Not normally the way I analyse charts but, SPQR Media have brought it to my attention a possible inverted shift of trends between Crypto markets and Stock markets. The team have asked for assistance in identifying the short term and long term trend to get an understanding of where we are at with all of this. Could it be that all the Stock investments are about to jump ship into the new asset class? if so, then the crypto space is about to explode

please note, this analysis is not trading advice and is also 100% non-bias towards any asset class