DJI to $14,500 in July 2032?

TVC:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Do we revert to the 50 year mean in 2032? That would put the Dow at 14,500 in 2032 if the cycle repeats.

Found it very interesting that it was exactly 50 years to get a low & bounce from the Great Depression bottom.

Every mega bear market is different so IF this is the start of another mega bear market that takes us to the lower blue line on this log chart then I doubt it will be labeled "Great Depression or Stagflation".

Great Depression-Lasted 3 years
Stagflation-Lasted 16.5 years

Jan 2022-July 2032=10.5 years (16.5+3=19.5 years and then divide that by 2 and you could conceivably say 10.5 years of whatever we will call it does make sense from a timeframe perspective).

Either way, IFFFF we are in a mega bear market the chart won't look identical to either the Great Depression nor will have it's own uniqueness and it's own name.

For now, I'm just looking for the open weekly gaps on the DJI to get cleared seeing as those have ALWAYS cleared. Open weekly gaps are at 28,495.05 and 24,718.46

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