Evolution of the collapse of the United States part 2

TVC:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Average duration of an Empire: 250 years.
Age of the United States: 244 years.

Average duration of a reserve currency: ~90 years
Well you know where this is going.

Someone said: "History does not repeat itself but it rhymes". I disagree.
It 100% repeats itself. You can't predict the name of the person that will die and start riots (François Ferdinand you might have, George Floyd no you can't unless you have a brain the size of a planet and millions of eyes everywhere).
The emotional / empathy people can bury their heads in the sand, rewrite history, be in denial, events will still take place the exact same way.

Roman leaders let Goth refugees fleeing the Hun wars in because they were thirsty for power or money, roman citizen that had an easy good life felt sorry for the refugees fleeing those terrible weird looking huns and their attrocities, then refugees tried taking over, started to persecute romans, and then it did a 180 a few years later and when the life got less good romans had enough, and then it was pogrom time.

Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years after they fled israel and europe/north africa let them in "temporarily" (lol).

It always ends up in some sort of fascism, well until recently.

Since 1789 (french revolution) the population tired of working harder and harder to get less and less due to high taxes (includes the indirect tax of bank created inflation ) & high land prices (high rents). The big revolutions that led to socialist ideas were the French & Russian & Chinese ones, at least that's the ones I know.
I don't know the subject very well, I suspect forms of socialisms have existed for ever.

I think the worst greatest depression ever was the 14th century one, and what created it was some braindead king that imposed super high taxes to finance his little wars. Led to black death. Actually after 1/3 of Europe died a horrible painful death, wages went up, and there was an economic boom.
It was made worse by cold weather and quickly dropping CO2 levels (thanks to all the polluters, we won't have this problem now, unless a complete moron "saves us" and finds a way to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels, this "hero" imbecile would be 1000 times worse than Hilter Stalin & Mao combined).

We're living in a war between the emotional & rational side, that can't understand each other, and are sworn enemies.
As psychopath run companies lick the boots of the emotional group (Call of Duty, tv shows, etc), they are FORCING people in the middle to be involved.
The emotional side also said "you are with us or against us", the thing with the people in the middle is sure they have tender feelings, they can empathize, but they can also be reasoned with.
Shift way left for younger people, and right for older.
Would it be racist if I drew a line for US blacks at the far far left? XD
I'd probably trigger 1/3 of black america just asking this question.
Of course trolls keep provocking them, they keep getting riled up the same way...

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has challenged an emotional actor to a wrestling match with "deputy" (chamber of commons) Jim Jordan.

Those tender feelings actors are good at pretending to feel things on camera (not Kristen Stewart), but they are also good at being useful idiots, and at getting extremely mad.
That Seth Rogens guy, he had a mental breakdown with people saying that all lives matter and more blacks kill whites xd
"I hate you!" "F! You! Seriously! I hope you die!" "F off don't watch my movies ever again" HAHAHA! xd
How could anyone resist poking them? We're only human. It's impossible to resist.

If they hear you say something true about Hitler but that sounds sort of positive (as dumb as "he had a nice mustache", or "well he improved the economy") they will go crazy because they cannot differentiate ideas, they just mix up everything, it's not facts to them it's feelings, so you got that red "bad" feeling and then you throw a "good" blue feeling and it goes like matter and antimatter BOOM!

Every one always repeats that emotional control is most important for trading but it's like saying having arms is most important for boxing.
No one would say that. You either have arms or don't. If you do then the most important thing is ...? training regularly and with discipline?
The most important thing is backtesting and learning and experience and analysing correctly...
Emotions you either have them or you don't, if you are in the middle then depending on how emotional then it might get important, but why insist on something where being too emotional is clearly a handicap?
I guess people in the "less emotional" half in the middle have to work on "control" but still backtesting and understanding market reactions is more important than controlling emotions.

Men deal with stress more with anger and aggressivity, they have to be like the Ukrainian Klitschko brothers. Some angry peasant spits water in Wladimir face, he ignores it, then he reks him in the ring. Same when Muhammad Ali trolls boxers in the ring dodging them and gets them to rage. But if you push it you could get your ear eaten by Mike Tyson so watch out (the other guy was cheating).

I bet a huge number of investors & speculators are autists, Michael Burry says his son got diagnosed and he is certain he is too, some investors say after watching his movie (big short) they got curious and got asperger diagnosed...

There are some pretty funny htings going on (and some worrying):
BLM wants to tear down a statue... that was funded by freed slaves to honor Lincoln ...

77 scientists have been removed from the National Institutes Of Health system for failing to reveal ties with forign governments
Over 90% of the hidden funding came from China.
May the purge begin

Five African Students Hold Black Lives Matter Protest in Ukrainian City - City Council Minister Asks for their Names So He Can Deport Them

A town in Florida had its police investigate officers shooting, and manage the peaceful riots, all resources were taken up.
While the police was busy, a gullible emotional 19 years old blm girl accepted a ride from a stranger (???), and got molested.
She got emotional and posted on twitter what happened (???), not forgetting to mention he was black, oh and she is black too I guess that's important zzzz.
And then a few hours later she disappeared, and days later was found dead.
Emotional people are crying "Justice for Toyin" after being surprised (they have the predictive abilities of a potato).

Young people are also less rational, and more credulous.
I didn't believe in santa & tooth fairy as far as I can remember at least since I was 6, and 20+ yo students still believe in it. XD Gooo "free stuff"!

In a war or a survival situation, who do you think wins? Heart of stone or heart of marshmallow?

Dozens of universities failed to disclose millions in Chinese donations. "Dozens of top American universities that received funding from the Chinese government failed to disclose those donations to the Department of Education.”

I wonder if the roman empire had some "reparations" scam going on... That just makes bad situations worse...
It's always the same stories, history repeats itself, just because details change a little doesn't mean it's different lol.
Outcomes will be different but it always follows the same path.
You could generate a simulation universe (wait is this what we...), repeat history 1 million times adding random events, I can guarentee you'll get similar results every time.

My main 2 predictions for the USA are (either, or can have both too):
- Civil war & division into 2 or more countries
- Fascist state with deportations

The US might have a short period of socialism but I think it is highly unlikely they have this in the long run (they keep shooting themselves in the leg for starters).
A fascist state would be a winning investment, but the question is do you want to support & do your morals etc.
If the country divides some new countries might be good investment after a time, and some will predictably be bad (look at what emotional people are liking more and avoid that, invest in the other one).

I'll update this with major events and my thoughts, in the US, but also some in the rest of the world (UK, Europe, Koreas).

Nothing to buy or sell at the moment, I'm all out. I'm improving my logbook dividing it in several tabs, 1 per type, will probably backtest certain things a bit.
Maybe short the AUD again I'm not sure...

"The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people."
Comment: The far right have circulated a video of an old black dude beating a white girl and it looks like she's out, but they cut the video just before she gets up and is fine (probably, can't see concussions on video), and then a group of black youth beat that guy
Whole thing here:
I think this is a site that tries to redeem the cold-segregated black community.

Both sides are fighting a fake news (or out of context news) war to gain support from emotional people.
Posting blacks beating whites are going to get people angry and want to fight back.

"It's now de facto illegal for White people to use firearms in self-defense. You either let the mob beat you to death or face decades in prison for employing the only effective means to defend yourself from that." Got this from a far right person.

Young black guy pushing an old white lady, the NYPD are looking for info on the suspect "he pushed a 92-year-old female to the ground causing her to strike her head on a fire hydrant."
Ok context or no context this is really really bad.

Anti white sentiment has really grown to total hatred for alot of people and it will keep growing.
And vicious attacks, in particular on women and old people will cause strong emotional reactions.

Correct me if I'm wrong but the USA passed a law against no knock warrants, the funny thing is they used as basis the "Breonna Taylor" case... Funny thing is... ready for it? She died in a WITH KNOCK intervention! If they swatted without knocking she would still be alive!

So now police are kindly going to knock and ask "So would you like to shoot us now, or after we come in?", "Hi, take your time, erase all of bitcoin kiddy porn on your PC and then come open the door".

All that is missing now is a Serbian nationalist to kill a Duke, or president, and BOOOM!

Stay tuned!

Comment: This might be real important:
Remember how China was massing Troops on the Indian border? 20 Indian soldiers were killed, 43 casualties.
There is a big nationalist anger in India now. Hey keep in mind one of the most read books during the lockdown in India was... mein kampf!
The government called for calm after "only 3" soldiers died, but 17 that were injured ended up dying in the cold, so it got really worse.

2 titans. Only the USA & Russia are stronger. And there's nearly 3 billion people that live in those countries.
China has more money and expensive advanced equipement, but India is pretty strong too, and India has tanks artillery and manpower.

And don't forget this...
Russia USA France China (290 - 0 deployed?) UK Pakistan India (140 - 0 deployed?) Israel NKorea (Iran?)

This might encourage Pakistan to look for yet another ass whooping around Kashmir.

I'm playing a game, Plague Inc., a mission which is "Fake News", seems so real, I created a fake news story about healthcare, started by fascists, "for the lulz" (reason: trolling), blaming big corporations, and it has all the mechanics of real life, you can slow down fact checkers by posting emotional content online which creates outrage (angry emotional people are much harder to reason with).
Maybe China played this game?
Nothing ever changes, I'm sure the tactics were the same thousands of years ago.
There is so much in this little game, you can create a fact checking source that confirms the fake news and everything.
Propaganda warfare. The NAZI sort of started it, and since then it evolved 100 fold.

Covertly fund the opposition to help shake their tactics and weaken them against you.

Bostwana completely deceived. The last informed person has decided it's not worth fighting anymore and has agreed that Fake-Gate must be true. I did it!

I want to create a custom scenario for that game "the vaccine", and use fake news and fear to spread a deadly vaccine over the world.

The devs have used professional "fact checkers" to create this scenario.
This has to be one of the best learning experiences out there.

It's really all the same usual tacticts of deceit, discrediting those that try to reveal the truth, paying or convincing celebrities to propagate lies, use the media, use experts, use armies of trolls, spread fear and uncertainty "what if it was true" and so on.
Ye the covid creators & global warming played that game for sure xd
Comment: Members of Parliament of Brazil break into hospital that claimed to have 5,000 infected & 200 deaths from COVID19 at the suggestion of "far right" president & CAUGHT THEM RED HANDED NOT ONE PERSON, they have FRAUDED THE WORLD!!

LOL! The parliament members are mad. Could be made up, but wouldn't surprise me it's not.

It's in portuguese. But not that hard to understand.
Come on "No, la pandemia de COVID-19 no está causada por el 5G" Easy to see what this translates to.
"El movimiento antivacunas y la COVID-19: no, la vacuna del coronavirus no "se fabrica a base de células de fetos abortados"" 😶 Not sure I want to translate that.

Melinda Gates: COVID-19 Vaccine Should Be Used on Black People First 🤔

"Children who spend time with their fathers have a higher IQ". Well that explains a few thing...

Malik Obama shared a scan of his brother birth certificate, from Kenya, but I'm not convinced. Probably fake.
Just funny to see him bash his little brother and support Trump xd

Just found out the BLM 19 black girl that was killed was not alone, a frail 75 years old lady got killed too, double homicide, weird that no one mentionned it. Oh wait a minute, she is white, so no one gives a crap.

Video circulating on bitchute and youtube (until utub bans it): CHAZ man beaten and robbed: he cries for the police
This happened outside of "CHAZ". The aggressors look like a right wing death squad. "Seattle proud boys". They're considered far right.
Expecting them to get swiftly arrested. Could be fake but they are unmasked.

And so the SA/SS began.

I wonder if any proud boy member is writting his own "Mein Kampf" at the moment, or already did.

One of the members is identified it's Tiny Toese he's been in the news and to jail already so I guess this is real unless he changed affiliations xd
He is from Samoa so I guess the MSM will have to hide his face to not hurt the "white supremacist" narrative.

There's more. Cole Scott, Zac Staggs. I guess it's real then?

4 years for the republican party to get their own "Bernie" is too long. zzz. A fascist party can start gaining seats in congress before that thought.

Seeing a defund the police guy whining over and over for the police to help him is pretty hilarous.

Hey, they don't sound that bad :D
Comment: Fun stuff happening...

French school children are being made to lift their arms in front of them to have a 1 meter rule.
You can see them marching in line with raised arms in front of them with a straightened hand...
It was on tv, and there is a boy interviewed that said "we saw (lived?) this in history books".

It was on the TF1 13H JT of the 27/05, and on their site but it just expired.
A version with an added german song is circulating on the internet.
"Ecole : comment les enfants vivent-ils les nouvelles règles sanitaires ? - TF1"

Ah it's still available here

911 is not answering anymore in Minneapolis. There aren't enough officers to respond.
The media "Less Crime in MN, police reports have fallen, see?".
Smart media, hey let's make police brutality disappear by not reporting any case, genius!

Germany: Muslims declare a Sharia zone and forbid all unbelievers to enter, threaten to kill infidels and cops
Imagine my surprise
"Refugees welcome" "Saying they want to take over is a ridiculous conspiracy"

Just like Goths in the Roman Empire, yup. Moronic asslicking politicians. "I'm so scared of being called racist".

Turkey and Tunisia ✓ Free of Sharia Law
Germany and UK and EU ✗ Under Sharia Law

“Subject: Allahu Akbar, Duisburg-Marxloh is our district. (…) We prohibit all unbelievers from entering our district. We will drive away or kill all police officers, journalists and other unbelievers by force of arms. For us, only the radical Sharia law applies,” says the letter. “We got 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles from Turkey and Russia with enough ammunition. Allahu Akbar, kill all unbelievers.”
Comment: Google bans two websites from its ad platform over protest articles: ZeroHedge & The Federalist.
They should keep going.

Armed Police Dismantle "Autonomous Zone" In Asheville, NC and Portland, OR

Black guy stabbing an 80 yo white grandma... Nothing special nothing new...

Iran's IRGC Gears Up For 'Routine' Fuel Shipments To Venezuela, Defying Trump... Go figure.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's Father Dies Of Coronavirus. I'd better not comment.

Antifa or whatever they are big brains attack a man, hit him in the head with a skateboard, 10 on 1, yell "We're gonna kill you", one of them that pulled a knife gets gunned down like a dog "Oh nooo whyyy get his license plate". "Get him!" "Ruuuuun!" Haha. Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes. Kek.

Jerome Powell testified before the Senate. He said recovery was uncertain, the longer the downturn the bigger the damage, QE infinity at least until 2022 EOY, treating the 2009 dumb move as a victory, talking as if the situation was the same, he said that income inequality would grow and minorities would be hurt most, he wants to print imaginary money and helicopter it, whatever. It's like they're children.

18 Atlanta Cops Quit, LAPD Can't Pay $40 Million Overtime As Police Morale Hits "Rock Bottom"

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd detailed the arrests and charges of 17 suspects, including Disney and hospital employees, accused of downloading or distributing child pornography featuring children as young as a few months old.

PORTLAND SPIRALS: Police Tell City Residents ‘Fires Have Been Lit, Leave the Area, It is Not Safe’

Seattle reaches deal with 'CHOP' to remove temporary roadblocks, replace with concrete barriers
The city of Seattle is providing tax-payer funded "upgrades" to the "Autonomous Zone." ...


Hey isn't this the exact situation Bitcoin cultists said would send the price soaring?
Comment: Some grown up black dude made a video of him crying, literally crying like a baby, because someone was "rayyyciist".
He even goes "OOOOOOOH" and tears up. Might be a tidy tiny bit emotional.
He says "racism is way worse than you think". NO. Racism BEFORE riots was not there.
NOW that they demand so many privileges including a white tax and give support to organisations that lynch whites, makes them kiss feet and beg for forgiveness, destroy the country, be openly racist, destroy the history, constantly insult and provoke every one different from then, THEN there is racism. As a consequence. Not there before.
And just wait till a white tax law is passed, and just wait till the depression really hits hard, and just wait till whites are persecuted on a large scale.
If he thinks racism is bad now, boy do I have news for him.

Going EXACTLY as expected: Harpeth Hall, Elite Nashville Prep School, Drops George Washington: ‘Not Relevant to the Way We Teach History Today’.
This won't upset anyone.

MLB Commissioner Says 2020 Baseball Season Will Likely Be Canceled Amid Labor Dispute.
"Boring sport, maybe cancel permanently", from an MMA fighter that took so many hits to the head he invested in crypto.
But he's right, baseball is boring come on.
This won't upset anyone either.

Police officers & national guards are getting poisonned from restaurants...
This won't upset anyone.

"BREAKING: Six justices of Supreme Court attack our republican form of government --rewrite federal civil rights law, in exercise of raw judicial power, to change definition of "sex" to "sexual orientation" and "gender identity." Legislating from the bench is an abuse of power.
There has been years long battle by Left to change federal law to bar discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity. But Supreme Court today short-circuited the democratic process and rewrote the law without a vote of Congress but by a vote of six unelected judges."
RIP women sports. RIP feminists.
This won't upset anyone.

Seattle City Council bans police use of crowd control devices like tear gas and pepper spray
Comment: ***********

Atlanta officer charged with murder for shooting a drunk criminal that fired at him with a taser:

Not allowed to use deadly force in response to a taser? Know what's real funny?

"Just two weeks ago, for example, Howard charged several Atlanta Police officers with aggravated assault after they allegedly used a Taser -- referred to in the arrest warrant as "a deadly weapon" -- on two college students."

Oh so when a drunk criminal uses a taser it's nothing, but when cops do it's dangerous and they should go to jail?

So the cops that were charged after using a taser 2 weeks ago should be let go then?

Either you let the Atlanta police officer go free, or you let the Howard officers go.

In the mind of a leftist, more riots is a feature, not a bug.

That really hits hard. If that officer does not get a sentence the woke cult will riot, if he gets a sentence that's anything more than very light the other side will really get angry.
Police is going to continue to quit. What are their options?
Option A: Let criminals kill you.
Option B: Let criminals kill you. (Corrupt politicians & judges)

Riot and all that crap does not make people more "liberal" (the woke party is the strict opposite of liberal, liberal means: equality, freedom, free speech, limited government, individual rights, capitalism, but whatever I digress), it makes them more conservative, more far right.

Atlanta mayor was a simple medium town council member not long ago, and now is one of the potential vice presidents (and president since Joe has Alzeihmer), and has been ultra loud, really trying to get noticed... Dirty politicians.

"We are not receiving any radio traffic from zone 6 @Atlanta_Police, what`s going on?"
This could be interesting...

This, as well as more like this, could really help the situation absolutely explode.
If there is a big civil war oh how I hope the corrupt politicians that tried to profit will lose their heads. Atlanta mayor first.

They really want to remove police... RWDS and/or the mafia and/or angry mobs at worse will replace them.


Georgia again (Atlanta is its capital):

Georgia Democratic Rep To Introduce Bill Classifying Attacks On Trump Supporters As A Hate Crime.
Is he a traitor to the anti-liberal democratic party now?
Typing "trump supporter hate crime" in search engines
DuckDuckGo research: Full of results on the bill
Google research: 0 results on the bill, full of results "racist hate crime linked to Trump supporter"


Some fun to balance it out:
An anti Trump has attacked Domino Pizza for making a compliment to a member of the Trump team.

Kayleigh McEnany White House Press Secretary told Domino Pizza "FUN FACT: @dominos is wayyyy better than any NYC pizza"
And they answered with a thank you.
Never trumper with TDS attacked Domino and told them they just ended their brand.
Domino's pizza response: "Welp. It's unfortunate that thanking a customer for a compliment back in 2012 would be viewed as political. Guess that's 2020 for ya."
2012 LOL! Oh and she was anti Trump in 2016 and called him a racist. Hey and wasn't Trump a democrat back then (2012)? HAHA!
Or maybe he was transitioning with no affiliation at the time.
==> Rick Wilson Humiliated After Trying to Politicize 8-Year-Old Dominos Pizza Tweet

And by the way...

Domino was the right investment, no Amazon :p
Food companies will always do well (some of them), or ... unless the world goes rural and people grow their own food?



Unilever, which anti brexiters used as an example of "UK collapse", is merging its NL & UK branches and going to set its HQ in London. LOL.
B... B... But muh feelings!

REKT! That did not age well.
Comment: This is supposed to be a mail from an Atlanta zone 6 police officer:

"Atlanta police officers are refusing to answer the radio and walking off of the job. The county can go screw themselves. If you want a society without police we’ll give you one. Let it burn!"

It's dead it's all dead!

Zone 5 has some people talking every few moments:

Zone 6 is dead.

You can listen to all sorts of audio feeds for Georgia here:

Weather stations, fire departments, and so on.

Want to make money? Start a private police in the US about right now I'd say.
Going to get big. And the the woke cult will protest because only the rich have protection and the rest suffer of crimes xd
"We want free healthcare free education and free police" lmao. You can bet on it.

I've been saying for 1-2 years to get armed, get out of towns, get some food in reserve, some real money.
Whoever has not done this yet, about right now would be a great time to get out.
Real estate hasn't collapsed yet. Idk what idiot will buy a house or apt in town now? For -90% ye maybe.

And what kind of idiot would want to join police in the USA now?

This site is saying a country wide police strike is imminent.
In the USA. France police has already been marching and protesting of course it's the national passtime. It was not nation wide, just a few officers marching in the street and throwing their handcuffs.
Comment: Atlanta said that their police did not walk away but a high number of them called in sick.
Ah, of course.







JUST IN: Every Atlanta police officer to receive a one-time, $500 bonus today as thanks for their hard work during protests and COVID-19



Run "Entry of the gladiators" music.


Chick-Fil-A CEO: White People Should Shine Blacks’ Shoes to Show ‘Sense of Shame,’ ‘Embarrassment’ for Racism
He actually dropped to some random black dude feet and started shining his shoes. Interesting mental health.

Good luck getting me to do that lmao.


In France these last few days:

In french city of Dijon there is a muslim - muslim race war.
Chechens went hunting down North Africans recently.
The far right in France are criticizing the governement, and a press conference is planned (or maybe it happened already).
Can't Putin come beat them up? Imagine the far right coming to the rescue of foreigners & migrants against chechen terrorists.
France president Macron mentionned deporting the violent thugs in this event.
Ah, and armed Algerian migrants have taken over. Assault rifles, shotguns... Police dispersed them I think.
Chechen get violent looking for revenge, then north africans get violent looking for revenge on the revenge, then...
🚨 Bunker not ready 🚨 🚨 Bunker not ready 🚨
I'm going to get deported. Have to rush $$$ and get my passports (if I can have triple nationality technically I should be able to) and then we'll see.

France: Citizens cannot buy weapons. Most are unarmed. Corses are armed. Hunters in the south are armed. Gangs are armed. Regular citizens are helpless.

Mélenchon (the communist party) wants "police everywhere" but "mostly unarmed". The communists demand a big increase of police forces.
He wants gangs to be disarmed. He wants police to be respectable & respected.
A member of the party clarified and said that for Dijon, they want a specialised service that is heavilly armed, but for regular policing they want them unarmed.

Far right have reminded that they are against "unchecked immigration", antifa violent rioters that infiltrate every protest, and criticize the government for doing nothing and letting all of this get worse and worse.


But anyway you know, ye this Atlanta shooting was pretty bad honestly.
It really got to me when those officers stood over Rayshard & urinated on his face. That was too much even for me.


Comment: Several (white) people are injured or dead following a mass stabbing at a Reading park, two hours after a Black Lives Matter protest. ~50 kilometers from London.
Authorities are acting surprised and say they are "very concerned". It is unsure at the time if they are playing dumb or are really that stupid.
British people do not own guns like americans.

White or Black I strongly recomment NOT going out in the evening either way. Had some blacks act aggressive with me recently, one of them was very suspicious thought I had to fight even got my heart racing, he pulled a knife, was getting ready to drop my coat and use it (throw it on him).
Doesn't matter if you don't want to be racist, if someone is you have to defend yourself, or run away if you think you can outrun.
I'd be more worried if I was black or looked very muslim, there are high odds that eventually whites go out and start lynching.
Better shave my beard... How to look more European? Get all dressed up and act like a cuck?

I wonder what happens to russian games? Made for Russian OS? UNIX systems?


American companies are removing anyone with dark skin from their product, and in doing so, from pop culture.
Aunt Jemima’s Great-Grandson Is Furious That Her Legacy Is Being Erased: “This is an injustice for me and my family. This is part of my history"
Apparently showing black people holding down steady work is considered racist. The left writes its own jokes.


Very happy news:

PUTIN CLOSED THE GATES. The country is now closed to Bill Gates. Hurray! They banned Soros, Rothschilds, quit G8, aren't bending to the UN, and banned Gates too. Putin has done a great job of cleaning up his country. The swamp fought back with tremendous propaganda and sanctions, but Russia survived, and I hope their economy will do great in the future.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has outlawed Microsoft’s Bill Gates and his corporation. Furthermore, both culprits have been placed on a Federal Security Service watch list due to ‘concerns over security and reliability.’

The removal of all Microsoft software has now begun in Russia with immediate effect. Government spokesman Sergei Zheleznyak explained that Microsoft had been caught carrying out minute-by-minute surveillance on millions of Russian citizens, as well as citizens of other countries.


Romania followed the Polish, Hungarian and Russian example, they have banned gender studies in their country.

That's how it works. 1 country stands up for itself, and others will follow. It spreads like a virus.
Africa broke its chains. It is spreading there too.

The West will be last of course.


Donald Trump campaign manager has announced they had a way to bypass the control structure (CNN, "How to buy Ripple" NBC, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc).
Maybe the blockchain is involved, maybe not. Even if Trump does not use a blockchain solution, there will be one. But would be sweet if they used it.
Comment: FIRST Lenin statue unveiled in West Germany following legal battle
So they're just going to remove all statues of democratic and free world figures, and replace them with sociopaths and dictators? Stalin next? Let's bring Karl Marx and all.
They haven't pulled Jesus statues yet


Trump just finished his speech at the Oklahoma Tulsa rally, it was very positive, every one there is positive minded.
Heinous BLM rioters have flooded the area around the rally and are calling to violence towards Trump supporters.
We'll see what happens...
Trump said that Biden was not radical left himself, but had no strength of his own and was a puppet completly controlled by it.
The brainwashed antifa/blm "protestors" are so filled with anger and hatred, anything could happen. They already had their Kristallnacht.
Goebbels: "the Führer has decided that... demonstrations should not be prepared or organized by the party, but insofar as they erupt spontaneously, they are not to be hampered."
EVEN HIMMLER, the guy that came up with the final solution, disapproved of this.
He called Goebbels megalomaniac and stupid!
Democrats are all united like some hivemind telling rioters that what they are doing is great, and bailing them out, encouraging them, telling the police to stay away, and so on. HIMMLER, the final solution guy! Himmler even thought that was too much, a very bad move. But for the "side of good" nah no problem, this is great. Maybe we'll have a summer of love. Yes, hordes of rabbid rioters should invade Trump rallies and look for a fight.

"For the first time, I am ashamed to be German." - Kaiser Wilhelm II (that had abdicated a 20 years earlier and was living I think in the Netherlands).

More than 100K jews emmigrated out of Germany in the year following the riots.
They stayed all those years... Talk about denial!

The Kristallnacht followed the killing of a german by a jew if you didn't know.
Same anger same process.

Some polls at the time said that not only most germans but MOST NAZI PARTY MEMBERS were what was the word? Disgusted or something like that, by the riots.
Oh and many of NAZI SA/SS were previous Antifa members ;)
So ye, the vast majority of germans, and big majority of nazi members disliked the violence. The protests were largely peaceful!


Facebook: Your photo was removed for displaying nudity.
Answer: She identifies as a man, so technically her nipples should be acceptable on this page.
Facebook: We'll take another look.
Facebook: We are restoring the photo, sorry for the confusion.


Syrian Refugees Call For UN To Create Solutions In Syria, Help Return Refugees Home.
Far right groups are enchanted! xd


Chaz / Chop has some interesting news, more walls violence brutality and all, but in particular a black man got shot. Hard not to laugh.
Trump during his rally said "I could clean it up in less than an hour, but most people think it is best to rather leave it alone and watch it fail".
Comment: More "no more USA world gendarmes"

Weak China PLA thrashed by the IndianArmy in a fistfight when the Chinese didn't back-off at the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

North Korea Vows to Dump Millions of Leaflets and Trash on the South.

South Korea says Bolton's memoir on Trump-Kim summit is distorted (we all knew that).

81+ got killed in a muslim attack in the North of Nigeria & women and children got kidnapped, probably to be sold as slaves. Failure to protect.

NZ evil PM rushed the world's most extreme abortion law while the country was distracted with the covid pandemic.

Seattle mini country hilarous fails, and east coast

Chaz set up black-only racially segregated areas 🤡

Chop after removing police cry that ambulances would not enter the warzone to save someone that got shot

More shooting in CHAZ /CHOP a person has been hit. Oscar Freeman stole the camera man's phone. He didn't know it was a livestream. He's trying to delete the evidence. In an unparalleled moment of irony as the streamer was a useful idiot saying how wonderful the area was 😂. They're trying to prevent anyone from filming their failure now.

Los Angeles City Council Proposes ‘Unarmed Social Workers’ Instead of LAPD for Emergencies


Pathetic Covid management ==>

45 out of 50 Governors did *not* force COVID infected patients into nursing homes

But 5 did:

Cuomo (NY)
Wolf (PA)
Whitmer (MI)
Murphy (NJ)
Newsom (CA)

Nearly *half* of all COVID nursing home deaths were in these states

That’s not an accident

That’s systemic murder
Comment: Crime crime more crime ==>

A Swedish court has ruled that there is sufficient evidence to show that Tishko Ahmed, the Kurdish migrant who murdered his 17-year-old girlfriend, Wilma Andersson, last November and then cut her body up into pieces is guilty of the crime. His sentencing has been postponed, however, pending a psychiatric examination.

“Some White People May Have to Die for Black Communities to Be Made Whole” -UGA Teaching Assistant

Nashville liquor store owner, 88, explains why she shot alleged shoplifter: 'I'm fed up'

More and more people getting radicalised on the right side, so ye, let's keep persecuting them while worrying "oh noes far right very dangerous, but the left and blacks can do as many crimes as they want" yep, that will age well. Well under Hitler German economy skyrocketed so there might be good buys at least :) Maybe not black & jew owned businesses, but we will see how it turns out.

Weekly NYC shootings soar 358% over same time period last year, data shows


Blacks entering a store, biting plenty of apples. Sure why not? What is the word for when you go past the entitled point?

"Why are you searching this innocent jogger", police pulls a giant knife. And then the stupid th** still argues.

Black girl fills a bag in a store, then fights a clerk and just gets in her car and leaves with stolen goods.

‘A real rampage’: Rioters attack police and smash shops in Stuttgart, Germany.

Dead body found in the water near Alki Point in Seattle. @SeattlePD is investigating.
Dismembered body parts found in the area as well.

"Protestor" fired shots at a car and then he got released. "Not responsible". Being black is a get out of jail free card.
If the justice system won't do its job then people won't have a choice... ⚰
Already starting to see plenty of whites beating blacks in the USA, or even popping them.

Three men, including employees of a sheriff’s office and district attorney’s office, have been arrested for vandalizing a Black Lives Matter sign in Thousand Oaks.
Meanwhile officers are ordered to stand down while statues of George Washington & Abraham Lincoln are being destroyed. The best one remains the George Orwell statue that is to be removed. Perfect!

White man pointing a gun at trespassors is arrested, blacks that opened fire on a car (with people inside) are released.
Maybe this has gone too far?

Controversial German Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed to have given Antifa extremist €1 million

Have seen videos of white men beating black robbers, as well as some point blank shooting.

Saw a video, tired of speaking about skin color but that's how it is, a white man had a black guy on the ground, he wasn't a threat anymore well I don't think so, he pushed him with his feet and guy was on the ground, then the white guy just gunned him down at point blank in cold blood. Idk maybe the first shot was necessary but then he fired more bullets and even in the back as the other guy was rolling over. I wish I knew what the context was.

Regular old grandmas doing nazi salutes...

And in all this the black separatists don't care, they're all the same, they want their own country of which they can become the rulers and have their power and money, they don't care how many die and suffer. All because they're too stupid to be successful without scheming.

DC police union survey showed 71% considered leaving.

U.S. Army Soldier Charged with Terrorism Offenses: Ethan Melzer, 22, allegedly planned to attack his own Army unit by sending sensitive details about its location, movements and security to members of an extremist group, according to an indictment unsealed in Manhattan federal court.
Comment: Some silicon valley censorship & media propaganda ==>

Google starts fact-checking images in its search results

Wrongthinking: Reddit Starts Banning Users For Their Upvotes

Ex-CNN ‘Reporters’ Now Work for The Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Outfit

Another Harvard jewish professor urging liberals to treat evangelical cristians like nazis, nothing to see there.

An article claiming that US bankers stole $7 trillion during covid lockdown, destroyed small businesses, was swiftly removed.

Shaun King was the keynote speaker who introduced Bernie Sanders at his campaign launch event. Feel like this is worth reminding people of from time to time.

Trump Admin Shuts Down Radio Station Run by Chinese Propaganda Outlet & FCC denies Phoenix TV license after Sen. Cruz exposed station’s China ties

"Amazon just blocked my publisher from advertising my book, IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE. Apparently, you're allowed to promote gender ideology; you're just not allowed to question it.""

Libyan migrant arrested on suspicion of a mass casualty terror attack, so naturally and rush out an interview on the grave threat of Right Wing Terrorism (RWT) 🤦
RWT is non existant, there are 10+ times more jihadist attacks, 10+ times more left wing attacks, and over 100 times more separatist terror attacks.
But ye sure, let's put the spot light on the one and a half RW terror attacks of the last 5 years.
Comment: Those morons (EU governments) obsession with "uh no white people wanting to be proud of their history and be treated like human beings & far right fascism" is going to make things so much worse. Because they learned something 100 years old at school and are too stupid to think for themselves "oh noes we must do everything to prevent another Hitler", just like with the coronavirus, absolute garbage handling. Hey a paper was released showing that lockdowns caused more deaths :) Haven't heard much about it I'm guessing it is getting supressed.
They're so incredibly stupid it's just unbelievable, one just HAS to start getting paranoid and making conspiracy theory, simply because they cannot possibly be THAT stupid.

Lmao I wonder if big brains that sold gold at the very bottom and handled covid-19 like they had down syndrom learned at school that the SPD & Communists party fighting and in particular commies & Antifa "fighting socdem fascism" is what paved the way for the NSDAP? If they put their differences aside they could have easilly stopped Hitler that became chancellor after only getting 33% votes (the party was probably already past his peak of 37% the previous year, with the depression starting to recover).

From here it can accelerate quite rapidly, but I don't see a massive genocide happening before at the very least 5 years.
I just recommend for the next years to prefer avoiding big towns, and avoid going out in the evening if possible, prefer the morning.
Small rural or "us suburbs" type areas should be ok. Calm residential areas.

Venezuela 15-20 years ago when statues were being removed and movies banned and street names changed etc "Oh it's nothing, bad stuff that happened elsewhere can't happen to us". "This time it's different". Every time. Def not investing in any of those countries unless they get a hardcore fascist doctatorship.

Hey I saw this sign:

No white supremacy
No pedo bashing
No mike cernovich
Comment: Some hilarous bullet point news. This is more fun than watching crypto crumble live in 2018 ^^

=> NASCAR terrible driver that never made a podium Bubba got a lot of attention and support for being the target of a "hate crime" (oh ye he is black).
The FBI just finished their investigation and NASCAR published a statement saying in their own words it was all a Hoax. No one could have seen this coming 🤡
A few hours ago "Bubba" was getting on his high horse insulting and belittling those that questionned his hoax. What an absolute pos.

=> BLM Accuses Self-Flagellated Woke 'White Slave' Group Of Hijacking Their Movement

=> Clinton Pal, Philanthropist and Multi-Millionaire Steve Bing Jumps From High Rise to His Death

=> Twitter censoring the president again, and preventing anyone from liking his post.

=> Half naked crazy transexual attacked an MSNBC reporter during a street interview (But he's on your side! Haha never gets old)

=> MN police union says members have been scapegoated by political scum.

=> “I think I may have found the replacememt for "cuck" and Karen" as an insult. I just called some old white liberal dude a foot washer. He went ballistic”

=> People are calling AOC tweets fake haha. She's making the dumbest comments, and deletes them after someone explains how bad they are.
People refuse to believe they're real "no one is that stupid" hilarous.

=> “If someone is wearing a MAGA hat I'm going to delete them for terrorism” – Facebook Content Moderator.

=> James Woods: "This has got to be the stupidest generation in the history of the species."
Yes, I believe it is

=> A Seattle-based Black Lives Matter activist with the Twitter handle “wypipo-h8,” slang for “white people hate,” followed a terrified white woman home, films her — Leftists Celebrate Harassment
Might want to invest in oven companies

=> Winona Ryder claims that Mel Gibson asked her if she was a Jewish 'oven dodger'

=> Little girls holding signs "slut and proud" and so on. Looks like it's the ideal time for a certain party with a certain salute to step in.

1861: Banned serfdom in Russia
1918: Rewarded with an execution

1964: Banned segregation in the USA
2020: 2020

+56 years in both cases.
Trade active: Could be running out of suckers now.
When it starts going down they'll be no bottom.

Could get pumped over and over and go up down back and forth for years...

Maybe a tiny "never know" short?

Why am I doing this? I have a stop at 25600 probably going to get stopped.
Risk reward is like 100 lol but what's the point I'll get stopped every time XD
Just gamble time because that one time you win aoooof. Of course the risk is going to be 1/10th the usual at most. Chimp change risk.

The wokeness and LGBTQ it's all looking like 1930 germany, and depression hasn't been felt yet but just wait.
It's like a copy paste, all the elements are there. Doooown we go!

Some Hitler speeches... Really sound like something for today... About the "wokeness", "cultural decadence", "artists/theaters" (hollywood) that made their own culture and don't appeal to millions of germans anymore, the fake news, tearing out of german history, brainwashing of children, insult all the german great men (like George Washington General lee etc), and so on.

They never mention this... They never mention anything about how the NAZI came to power even. Just small brain first degree "mustache man bad".
If they care so much about avoiding a repeat... then idk maybe pay attention to WHY it happened?

Cultural Marxism / Kulturbolschewismus

The NAZI and in particular Hitler claimed they were being censored, the press & their friends claim that is not true (just like people on the right today are not being censored). They persecuted him and made him stronger. I don't think they learned their lesson.

Here's the whole 2 minute address:

"The decay of our culture, these mounds of contamination of our whole
cultural life. The decomposition of our literature, the poisoning of
our theaters, of our movies theaters, all the art is now falling for it.
Millions of German do not participate any more, it does not appeal to
them anymore. This art that was not born from our people, but is alien
to us and will remain alien. It has nothing to do with the German
character and did not come from our soul."
"It was imposed on our people by a subversive press, which made it
palatable, and parallel to this. Already the assault begins against the
education of our children's brains, the tearing out of all the memories
of our German past. The insult to all the great men of our people, the
removal of its memory from the heart and brain, out of the German youth,
and with it a large defilement of the German history."

A few months after Hitler chancelor the LGBTQ Institute in Germany was burned down.

Whites are being attacked in the streets, monuments are being torn down, and Fox News is worried about a white female protestor yelling at a black officer. They enforce the racism narrative from the other side, constantly.

The noose hoax guy is STILL ARGUING. F in animal. Brainlets that keep arguing when they are obviously wrong should get gunned down immediatly.

U.S. Intel: Chinese general ordered attack on Indian troops

Seattle to end drug and prostitution loitering law (seattle gov is short maybe?)

"Surely everyone in Victoria knows this yeah? Govt is paying $1500 if you get Covid19, or a close family member has it."
Trade closed: stop reached: Dear diary I lost everything again.

"Blue check Tweets about the French Revolution not only show historical ignorance, but the dangers of such ignorance.

If you *want* fascism in the U.S., then you'd pull some bullshit like the Reign of Terror, because that's the wave that brought in Napoleon."

Same story: In 1930s spain leftists dug up corpses of murdered nuns and mocked them. Franco came to power in 1938. Need a full idea on that.

This is the likely mindset that will take over in the west:


BLM calls for ‘Kristallnacht’ attack on Christians, statues of Jesus down & all murals & stained glass windows of white Jesus..down because they are "white supremacy" and "created as tools of oppression" & "racist propaganda". This is how it starts folks.
Steve King Iowa rep. Glad I'm not the only one seing this. They cancelled him for being a "racist".

Oregon county (The Portland East coast state) issues face mask order that exempts non-white people.

Whites are now being openly discriminated, just as I predicted 2 years ago. "Conspiracy theory take your meds".

Hey, remember 1930 when Lili Elbe went to Germany to get the first ever gender re-assignment, performed by jews (that were very liberal at the time I guess), and the communist party was big and dominated the narrative, and there were waves of male prostitutes, and there was so much social justice, and gay rights, and transgenderism was getting promoted, and bankers were getting richer and richer, what a wonderful period of tolerance. Cross dressers were being celebrated, they had plenty of shows, they were in display, and german kids were being taught all of this, and the media was promoting it all heavilly. Open drug dealing, thriving gay clubs, oh how beautiful 😍. See? There is no harm, no one got hurt. BIGOTS!

"Before 1933 Berlin was a liberal hotbed where people indulged their sexual and hedonistic appetites in Berlin's nightlife and party culture, photos from Germany's bundesarchiv show". Beautiful 🤩
Truly a paradise of wokeness and progressivism and tolerance.
Hey my memory is not so good anymore, what happened in Germany in the 30s again? They had a big summer of love utopia? 😆
I wonder what happened to bankers, the media, and jews in particular? 🤔

People were having fun during the war already, and after the war they really let go and had lots and lots of fun dancing and holding candles and singing songs and changing gender and having orgies and grooming young boys and so on.
They forgot about the war and had no respect for veterans that went throught hell, and were unemployed, often had combat scars, missing arms or legs, just like the USA now. Oh some random dude playing us football that kneeled is being called a "hero" just like Pat Tillman that quit the NFL in 2002 to join the army and died in 2004 in the line of duty fighting terrorists for his country so the ungrateful little bastards that like to cut their penis off and have weird orgies can live safely and be free to burn the US flag and remove statues. Bah, I'm sure US patriots won't be bothered by this.

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.


"The most important thing is backtesting and learning and experience and analysing correctly.". On top I think of that the most important factors are strict risk management and keeping our biases in check
+2 Reply
If you want to know what the future holds for whites on this planet, study how the Jews have been treated over the last 2000 yrs. Tribalism is unstoppable.
+2 Reply
MrRenev gnosis7777
@gnosis7777, So what? White cops that shoot blacks almost don't exist. And yet...
Jews are very disproportionately represented in the media, banks, hollywood, antifa.
Kick a tree and 100 will fall. So not hard to find some examples that will make people angry.
CNN is owned by Warner which is founded by a jew, Blackrock that is using taxpayer money to bail itself out if ran by a jew.
When the depression gets painful, see what happens when average people hear that a jew took their money to get richer.
Hate will grow to epic proportions towards jews, blacks, and probably muslims too.
I don't know how bad it will get and what countries will feel this, but we only have a few years.
Germans only had a few years, romans - unlike what history lies about "barbarian invasion" - only had a few years after the start of the refugee crisis.
+2 Reply
Would love to see you write up an idea on Spain during the anarchists vs nationalists and rise of Franco.
I like the Chinese term Baizuo. These people don't even know they're becoming a global joke.
Nice work
Well done
What do you think about Islamic finance (economy)?
MrRenev YBearBull
@YBearBull, Not sure how it works exactly, it is imperfect and the rules were probably written at a time and place where usury was prohibitive.
They want the lender to share profits and losses, but that's hard to implement and I think lenders have just used tricks where the borrower is worse off...
They sell banking products, they charge commissions... What's the difference?

I don't know much about how it works, but I know those banks survived the financial crisis... and then got hit when the heal economy crashed and had no derivative to hedge.
In the case of a house the bank buys it then rents right? Same as non sharia in the end. Morgage payment or rent payment...
They prevent speculation that has existed and been useful before the middle east was even inhabited...
I think it has to evolve and adapt a bit, but it's quite new in reality.
What it really wants to stop is abuse, deceptive tactics, unscrupulus characters that will take advantage of those in need or the credulous (what's wrong with abusing credulous people?).
Speculating is not gambling, and derivatives represent real things.
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