Evolution of the collapse of the United States part 3 🐻

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Going to follow the situation more slowly as we are in a period of consolidation. The next big step is small guerrilla actions, anti-white laws, exporting their anti-racism to the rest of the world...

The west is likely to continue their christian colonial white supremacist blacklivesmatter movement.
The people in this movement are against christianity, colonialism, white supremacy, but that's just because they are unbelievably stupid & delusional.

Christian values: Giving the other cheek (being a cuck, kneeling), helping others, being pious, being virtuous (we can all agree they like to virtue signal).
Colonialism/WS: Forcing others to take your view, considering yourself morally superior to all, going on virtue crusades.

This BS is why countries in the arab world hate americans (and to a lesser extent europeans) so much.

These idiot templars are saying that fighting racism is more important than health. They'll start WW3 for this crap.
On the bright side the ones they are fighting for are destroying their country and plan on taking over. So that reduces their threat.

Maybe the UK will have shariah law. Would it be that bad? At the point at which they are...
Seriously the world is so tired of the west rn. East Europe that lived under communist rule are going full far right.
Poland already rebelled against the virtue stuff long ago.
Romania passed a law which prohibits any kind of “activity” that promotes opinions or theories about gender identity in the educational system.
Hungary had an ad that says "Gypsies only make the 2% of the population, but, despite this, they are the ones who commit the 2/3 of all crime" idk how far they are.
TV Host on Muslim Brotherhood TV: "Homosexuals Should Be Killed – Burned Alive, Thrown Off a High Place, or Stoned"

Meanwhile, on the virtuous templar side:
The Mississippi House votes to replace the state’s flag, the last in the nation to feature the Confederate battle emblem; the measure will now be taken up by Mississippi’s Senate.
YouTube has taken down a video from a chess channel because it appears the A.I. detected language in the video about black vs white chess pieces and thought the guy was being racist.

Spain - and hispanics (and portugal) have arab influence and are not as cucked: "in Spain around 1920s the left formed a Popular Front which included anarcho-communists. They went for statues, dug up graves, then their next step was killing an estimated 38k to 78k people." Then the spaniards fought back.

Himmler said "Der Islam ist unserer Weltanschauung sehr ähnlich" - The values of islam are very similar to our own.
Hitler several times praised islam, and lamented that germany ended up christian "a weak religion".
I thought they said this mostly to gain arab support, but I'm not that sure anymore.

Oh the pope has been bending over and kissing black feets lately.
I'm not sure if this is "christianity" or rather really specific to catholicism.

Did you know that cuckland - also known as west europe, while being 50 times more numerous than north african (when France colonised Algeria centuries later they had 10 times its population), spent literally centuries asking nicely pirates from Algiers Tunis & Tripoli to stop slave raids on their beaches, before doing anything about it. I think the british said "the sea belongs to Lybians". The UK later on became the major sea power but not in the 1600s. After many decades England decided that pirates they would capture would have a painful death.

These are the stereotypical differences between the cultures:

West Europe: Cucks, virtuous. (christian value: give the other cheek, be virtuous).

North Africans: Slave traders (ransom or sell), multicultural history, not sure what culture or economy to have.

Arabs: Total disregard for human life, "martyrs", slave consumers (labourers, sex slaves, kids for organs). (islam says they are the master race and others are their slaves)

East Europe: Alcohol challenges, cold people, hackers.

West Africans: Gang wars, chaos including pooping on the beach and looting.

West Europeans have this thing about accepting being bullied, over and over and over, never standing up, and then one day they lose their mind and do a mass shooting (such as voting for the NSDAP).

I think western colonialism is soon finally over, hey that's what the self-ironic oblivious braindead sj templars want, great!

I'm under the impression the US stock market might have finally topped? Ran out of suckers?
Wouldn't surprise me if they print money to push it up again.

I have studied the US stock market alot and I will now reveal when the right time to buy will be: Never.

"Dick Masterson says Patreon alternative New Project 2 is closing after getting blacklisted by Mastercard"

Every thing is so slow, all in slowmode. March-April was the storm before the calm. I wish it could all dump biblically I'm so tired of waiting.
Just start that civil war already.

Comment: The supreme court of the US just deployed the banhammer against George Soros. He's not banned from the country don't dream. Just his power got slightly reduced.
The summary I think is that basically open society has no 1A speech rights, and are not allowed to push protitution propaganda in the US, the court blames OS/GS for spreading aids and more I think.
The US now demand that foreign organisations denounce prostitution and sex trafficking.
The liberal judges were against this, can you believe it? Epstein, Clintons and friends say hi...

Do not bother to look for this in the media.

Here is the document:

It's probably going to get changed soon...

Soros is making alot of victories, this month the SC of Hungary has fined on his behalf a small town (to an amount of twice its yearly budget) for hurting Gypsy children feelings.
I'm sure the townfolk will not have any resentment.

"In a report published in February 2020, the European Centre for Law and Justice demonstrated the stranglehold of George Soros and his networks of non-governmental organisations on the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). It emerges from this investigation that the billionaire is imposing on Europe his ‘open society’ ideology aimed ultimately at creating a ‘new man’, a true individual without identity or points of reference reduced to the role of ultra- consumer."

A recent interview of him:
“I am proud of the enemies I have”, he answers with a smile.

The right hates him in the USA, but something the brainwashed idiots got wrong (their specialty: being wrong) is that they think "far right neo nazi hate him".
In Europe, it's mostly the left that hates him. The center/center right does his bidding (Merkel, Macron...).

In France Mélenchon (communist party) has openly attacked the fake news, the lobbyistes, the social-democrats, the multinational companies, and yes he named George Soros on several occasions.

The narrative tries its hardest to make it look that those that denounce Soros are evil far right nazis, because the west has been traumatized by the nsdap that were nationalists. As well as "crazy conspiracy theorists".
The damn creep spent tens of billions to push his agenda, made hundreds of lawsuits, the european parliament found that he had the human court in his hand... What more do these morons want?
It's like the dumbest cults, the guru comes out and spits on his followers, lives in luxury, calls them idiots, and they continue to believe in him...
If I manage to find those stories I heard of long ago I'll link it.
Comment: Heavily armed men (including at least one bazooka) have marched with "protestors" to protect them from police, they call themselves the "People's Protection Group".

Ah good old CHAZ. Another dead. Black again. Black Lives Matter! Haha.
So a silver car did drive bys for funs and then the big brains larping as police saw a white car, incorrectly identified it, and start shooting (ask questions later), they murdered in cold blood a black teenager and wounded a second person. They could be heard shouting "Oh you still alive" and then the sound of a bullet being fied was heard.
This brings the total to 2 dead and 2 wounded in less than 10 days (all black of course I think), making the socialist utopia the most dangerous place on the planet.

It's ok they just haven't tried it correctly. 🧠
Once police gets defunded globally (less non lethal options, less training, less manpower) then for sure everything will work out.

The hilarous failure that is CHAZ is over, awwwww, no more fun stories :(
Cucked no authority mayor sent police to clean up the area today.

China passed an anti freedom law in Hong Kong. They're having fun in the region it seems.

South Africa has started vaccines testing on blacks.
Bill Gates, the guy who owns 15% of the WHO said we could reduce the population by 10-15% with new VACCINES, HEALTHCARE and reproductive services.

They are diagnosing people in Arizona with Covid-19 through virtual appointments without testing. Seems legit. By the way George Floyd died of covid-19.

The Democrats appear to have tweeted and deleted a tweet calling the 4th of July a “white supremacy rally.”
When will the logic stop? xd
Argue with us. You're racist.
Claim you're not. Denial proves you are racist.
Get angry. Proof you're racist.
Be silent. Proof you're racist.

The Washington Post keeps DEMANDING that every statue, building, etc, with the name Washington should be renamed... The... Washington Post... It's way beyond stupid... I cannot start to fathom how tremendously retarded they are. It breaks the laws of the universe, this has to be a mighty troll conspiracy and they're all just waiting to see when people will figure out they were playing around.

Some Trump endorsed candidates are losing their primaries to far right ("far right") ones.

The media pissed itself over 2 "angry racist gun toting whites" that pointed guns at "peaceful protestors" (all they did was break their gate and enter their property and be threatening).
Tough luck, they were democrats and BLM donors. Media looks stupid once again 😂.

Haha this US left seriously...
The USA, this country where the left is super pro octopus globalism, anti working class ("dumb uneducated bigots"), pro big banks, pro segregation race war, pro multinational companies (which are all on their side obviously), pro turning everyone into "equal" faceless nameless numbers & consumers void of any history or culture.
The "left".

In Austria, Antifa anarchists have been fighting with Turkish "fascist far-right extremists"

Idk maybe the turks are eager to introduce the woke manchilds to some of Turkey specialties like Lokums, tulips, coinage & government currencies, genocides...
Comment: Oh no! After giving full support no matter what to Black Lives Matter, plenty of high profile organisations have decided to not support them anymore, and some even banned any visual symbols of support by their workers.

What the? What could possible have happened?

Companies supported BLM when they made calls for white genocide.
Companies supported BLM when they said they'd burn the USA down.
Companies defended BLM no matter how violent their rhetoric was.

So what happened for them to turn their backs.

Ahem. *Clears throat*. Drum rolls please.

'publicly criticised Israel'

Oooooooooooooooooooooooh. So nooooooooow they changed their mind. Ok, ok.

I'm sure I predicted that would happen. Did I? I mean I'm 99.9% sure I said they would turn against jews.
I'm not fully sure I made the call companies would drop their support. But that was obvious, if I didn't make the call then I forgot.

Very satisfying. Maybe BLM gets called a terrorist organisation soon :)

Oh and now the orga & its leaders are "controversial". Puahahaha.

BLM support got dropped faster than support to feminists who now are nazis that "promote the toxic view that genders exist".

Trump has called NY BLM painting a symbol of hate.

I remember seing people, was really recent like yesterday maybe, that were saying something along the lines of "convince blm that the original israelistes were black and jews stole their history and are racist". If the far right had a George Soros, that's what would happen. I found that idea funny.

A girl 1 or a few days ago on tiktok posted a video saying she'd stab anyone who says all lives matter and then make a tiny cut to herself and say "ooooh look my cut matters too".
She got fired :)
Oh no! terrorists on the other side are getting cancelled too.

So that's it. BLM support is going away. And woke templars are getting cancelled too.
Imagine my surprise.
No one could have predicted it would backfire.
No one could have seen this coming.
No one 1 month ago could have suspected that what goes around comes around.
Typically virtue terrorism never escalates, and those on the virtuous side are immune to it because reasons.

July's starting a great month. Very instructive month. And year.
Comment: So if you want to know what future for BLM (their leaders are not kneeling to Israel even as companies & mainstream media abandon them), then look at what happened in France to Dieudonné Mbala Mbala. He just got banned from youtube a few hours ago by the way.

He was a proud cameroon-french minority, a symbol of hope and bla bla bla.
He dressed up as an SS-Israel settler, and then in an instant he become a "symbol of hate".
TV cancelled him, governments fought him, I swear at some point the major plan for government was to "fight the comedian" that's it. Not build a wall or give jobs or make laws. Nah. Punish the 1 guy. That's the program. K vote for us please. XD

Mention that Israel troops torture palestinians on a daily basis, that police brutality is 5000 times worse and they are openly racist, that there is actual systemic racism, get in big trouble.

Remember when the SA had periods where the bulk of its new recruits were ex-antifa memebers? Ye that won't happen again, because this time it's different. HAHA!

Weimer lasted from 1918 to 1933 (15 years ending on a great depression). How old is the cancel culture? 10 years old?
It started after the financial crisis right? Or maybe it can be considered to have begun around 2006. I would say it is 12 to 15 years old, and we are getting a great depression.

And where is the demonisation of american "heroes" that torturded germans?

Am I allowed to mention that when you invade a country and cut its supply lines, it gets really hard to take care of camps? Or is that banned too?

Whatever happens, sure will be fun to watch them cancel each other 🍿

And let's see who's the perma bear when it all collapses.
Comment: Epstein partner in crime that just got arrested is still alive. I'm giving it a few days before she dies of coronavirus haha.

Reddit has declared they'll ban all hate speech except against whites.
Seriously. Reddit is allowing hate speech against whites.
Can't wait till the people responsible get their heads on a spike.
They're really, really, begging for it.

French incompetent stupid and puncheable Prime Minister has resigned, hurray!
The government is going to be rebuilt.
A few days ago the PM passed an order giving himself full rights to lockdown everything.
President Macron promised a "new path". He's not resigned, and ministers changing/resigning/getting fired is common during a presidency.

A white couple that got assaulted by ravenous blacks is now in big trouble, the man lost his job, and they are both criminally charged.
Blacks are now clearly very privileged and above the law, and whites just have to let them hit them, break their stuff, and so on.
Imagine my surprise...
I will also get surprised when the persecuted whites of the USA start fighting back...

It's hard to wrap one's mind around such tremendous stupidity.
In Burundi & Rwanda, Tutsi minority oppressed the majority.
In Germany, jewish minority oppressed the majority.
In 1930 in Germany came the great depression.
In 1990 in Rwanda the Tutsi attacked the Hutu.
In 1990 In Burundi tensions escalated.

Gee, I wonder what happens next?

As for timing I guess we can give it a couple years. Hitler 2024? xd
Before that maybe. Maybe Trump wins then gets assassinated.
Maybe whoever is Biden vice president wins and get assassinated.
Maybe civil war.
I can't predict all the details, how it manifests is chaotic and I cannot predict it.
I just know what direction it's going and what group of events will happen.
Comment: Autonomous zones popped out a bit everywhere, in Atlanta they have one around an area where some drunk criminal got shot. And the armed larping bolsheviks defending the area just shot an 8 year old, black of course. Absolutely brilliant.

A black radical militia group demanded reparations from white drivers at gunpoint while protest-marching the Confederate Memorial Carving in Georgia on Independence Day.
Marching and yelling "black power", called themselves "Your worse nightmare".
They were also taunting conservative gun owning groups.
The media is of course silent, the first result in duckduckgo is of alex jones censored infowars damn, and other small media that talk about this are quoting infowars.

I'd say this is escalation. And if they get ignored they'll just continue threatening with guns and yelling black power (nothing wrong with that 🙄).

Other fun stuff.

NY mayor after dozens of his beloved blacks got shot is of course very worried... about someone that called the police because it seemed "kinda racist".

Trump Administration Considers Banning TikTok, Other Chinese Social Media Apps - Pompeo. Nice.

“Gates We Are Not Your Lab Rats”: South Africans Protest COVID-19 Vaccine Testing

There was some video circulating of big brains standing in the street and getting hit by a car (a white supremacists until it was revealed he was black and then the media went silent). 2 girls, 1 is dead now. They blocked the street with a few cars and their bodies, they just stood in the 1 spot with no cars parked...
Oh and then when they heard and saw a car (that turned to try and aboid them) some of the "protestors" ran TOWARDS IT and then STOOD STILL IN FRONT OF IT LIKE A DEER OR RABBIT.
GTA was right all along.
People are that stupid.

Twitter getting sued over conspiring with saudi arabia to censor opposition there.
They keep getting more and more troubles.

Mainstream news outlets are being censored on social media for exposing the covid-19 numbers hoax. Including CBS & The Atlantic. They're not pro Trump media. It's like a cancer that grows, first it just eats the far opposition, then the regular pro Trump opposition, then the middle, then the more moderate communists...

So when will we get the first gunfight between joggers holding guns sideways and trained rural citizens? 🍿
Comment: I'd say things are escalating as BLM are starting to show their true colors, there is not really an escalation in violence (yet), but the trend is continuing.

BLM leader: Whites are subhuman 'genetic defects'
Begs 'Allah' to help her 'not kill white folks'

You can imagine my surprise... Mainstream doesn't really mind thought.
Reddit even officially said they decided to allow hate speech towards whites (exclusively, that's some privilege I hope they feel special now).

A football coach got the thought police after him because he wore a tshirt of OANN (pro USA media), and a football player quoted what he thought came from Hitler about jews and said he was right "Jews are extorting America to hide the truth that Black people are Israeli" (lol, more super delusional clowns), they were plenty of other things apparently, they were egyptians, ancient israeli, romans, greeks, vikings, einstein, mozart, and so on 😂
Of course he got encouraged to attack any whites so he thought he could also attack jews but he is learning the hard way they are not included, and the thought police is after him.

Halle Berry (some movie actor) says she won't play the role of a transgender man following criticism.
This is part of the "feminists are bigots" new thing that was definitely not foreseable and I definitely did not say "this will happen 100% guarenteed".
"What the white supremacist roots of biological sex reveal about transphobic feminism"

The problem with the anti white inquisition is they turn against everyone, who will be left to support them?

On the other side, ICE just does not care.
"ICE says international students whose universities move to online-only this fall must transfer or leave the US"

I heard that latino gangs in chicago were fed up and now are not letting any blacks in their areas of control.

A few weeks ago in a small Ohio town a few hundred bikers beat up 80 protestors, I think, didn't bother reading the news.

It's looking more like Iraq 100 factions fighting each other than Sturmabteilung versus Antifaschistische Aktion clashes.

Other countries will have their own problems, including literal starving to death, I'll make a separate idea about this.
This depression has just started and bankers have bought time but it won't go away.
It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.


U think u understand anything? Just hate accumulation..Feels like to me...... meditation should help careful u don’t know how thing resonates in people’s heads.....and as last u blame Jews..... why not ur self...? Once we learn to look inside.... there will Be no one to blame outside.... God Bless USA we have a choices ...first help ur self then save others...
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Pretty much sums it up.
Who are u?
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