Tech Adoption exponentially getting faster (with 1 exception ;p)

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Is it too late to invest in VR?

Are we going to keep accelerating?

A few years ago we got to a point where we used up 1 year of earth ressources in just a few months.
Something like that...

It is time for our little reminder of the biggest recession in centuries maybe human history.

And energy usage just cannot keep going up forever exponentially. Simple maths.

It is about time to accelerate the adoption of technologies that "scale".
Either we keep the same tech and make them use less energy, or we have energy producing ones.

We got to a point where tech gets adopted almost vertically. The "speed of adoption" chart is now parabolic.

Of course people think it will never stop. LOL. They always do, and this is when it does.

Reality is going to hit hard...

Whole economy in the greatest bubble ever... Debts are hilarous... Every one inventing and printing money, even "civilians"/individuals started inventing their money (hundreds and hundreds of cryptocurrencies have valuations of over $1 million).

I am already seeing signs of reversal... People getting dumber... Not believing in science... Back to burning witches and stuff?
(Wouldn't it be fun if humanity split into 2 races the handsome intelligent super humans and the ugly smelly idiotic sewer dwelling humans "science is just made up" :D)

The civilisation or tech advancement chart that I do not have to show but we all know what it looks like needs to cool off that's all.
Something needs to catch up with the rate at which tech & human population has grown.

If the ants leaving on this planet don't abandon some techs (bear market of technology advancements), reduce their energetic consumption we all going to die anyway so that's the most positive scenario. Some regressions, some advances in areas that do not make people more wealthy and comfortable (sheep are such lazy pos ), and a new wave of advances will be possible.

And going that way quick would be the best, reasonable thing. It's absolutely beyond retarded to push debt to make things go faster and get worse.
Old people don't really care about the next decades... And ants are too dumb to see it?

Maybe there is no bear market (of technology) until the very verge of extinction?

The best thing that could happen would be some major stock market crashes wars and people starving. Especially the greedy ones if possible.
Problem is with no investor money new "green" tech companies won't grow so... Governments have to force it? Making things cool off is not that profitable (at least yet)... Just going to have to wait for things to get awful and fossil fuels scarce and the air barely brethable for things to pick up pace?
People are irrational and if renewables etc are hyped up enough they'll eat it up and a bull market can form...
I don't think that one would be super fast. It is going to take a while to make all these changes imo. There won't be a way to manipulate it in the near future since debt is already at ridiculous levels.

I am trying to see a way things will turn out "well" but I just cannot think of any :/

Things will slow down and growth will start being negative that's all. Lmao good luck to all the "just buy and hold the indice". I expect people to chase whatever is going up, go chase that 1 emerging country that still has positive growth and its stock market being in a huge bubble, and then the new hype emerging market bubble "oh look a new one gogo chase the last bit of growth left in the world".

There won't be a new Warren Buffet (or Rotschilds family) that just sit and wait.
Did I tell you how bad "last time it worked" actually works?

Civilization since -10,000 has gone up and down in waves btw.

PermaBear on everything until a major shift is made (we discover nuclear fusion + recycle CO2 + terraform Mars + get new better ways to harvest and store energy from the sun wind sea + human population stagnates and food production gets more efficient etc). So actually until several major changes are made.

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