US 30: Bounce before Deep Discount? Distribution Phase

DJ:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Chart says all. IF the TL holds today expect vigorous retrace, a fool's rally; then the End.

Trade at your own risk, this is not financial advice. GLTA!
Trade active: Held the TL. Trades a bit lower after hours. Let's see what Tues brings!
Trade active: Critical juncture. Touched the TL at open in gap; up; will it reject again or bull higher? 264 is 50% Fib retrace. let's see if it gets that far.
Comment: Futurz suggest rejection imminent. Holding shorts!
Comment: Look back at 10/11 Oct 2018. See the bounce was not a big Fib. We had 0.50 Dow and 0.62 NQ bounce so I reckon it's pretty close to rollover again. Terrific resistance on SPX at 2912-2915 breakdown zone, they won't pay more now. Same pattern re-emerges. Throwover imminent, brace for impact. GLTA!