Identifying support and resistance levels for swing trading

DJCFD:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Support and resistance are essential levels for all traders in swing trading. Before one can start placing orders on the buy/sell side, these key levels will form the battlefield for buying or selling.

In the video above, I will show you how to identify the support and resistance levels for swing trading so that you can buy near the support and sell near the resistance to maximize our profit while keeping risk exposure low, to have a better reward to risk ratio. 

Depending on your strategy, preference and personality, you always have a choice to participate the swing within the range or in a trend. Swing trader always aim to catch the swing low as early as possible and sell when the swing is ended. 

Resistance becomes support level once it was broken up. Always extend the support level to the right and pay attention if the price respect the support level . Do treat support as a zone/area instead of single line/level.

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